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Konro Sagamiya's Doppelgänger Edit
Character Info
Status Deceased
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga The Reason We Fight
Anime The Trap is Set (episode)

This Infernal was a Demon that appeared in Asakusa. It is believed to be the Doppelgänger of Konro Sagamiya.


As a Demon Class Infernal, this Infernal's distinguishing characteristic were its large curved horns jutting out of its temples. Unlike most Infernals, this demon was extremely muscular with a well-defined body resembled a skinless human. It featured two blank eyes with its right eye being noticeably larger than the left eye.


The Infernal facing Konro.

In Year 196, it appeared during a mass Infernal outbreak in Asakusa and killed a civilian directly in front of an exhausted Benimaru Shinmon and Konro Sagamiya. Quickly recognising their opponent's strength, a frighten Konro quickly knocked Benimaru aside to battle the Infernal alone.  During their fight, it appeared the two were evenly matched but Konro managed to incinerate the Infernal at the cost of charring his body in the process. Before being destroyed, the Infernal used its horn to scar Konro's face and caused him to experience an Adolla Link.


As a Demon, the Asakusa Infernal was exceptionally powerful and was capable of matching Konro blow for blow. Alongside its great physical strength it was also extremely durable and could only killed by a huge explosion. Curiously, its First Generation pryokinetic abilites were identical to Konro's Third Generation powers. Enabling it to ignite his shoulders and forearms with a spiral-like flame in order to punch objects and targets with great force. The exact reason for this is unknown, as is the reason behind Asakusa Infernal's ability to perfectly mimic Konro's stances and attacks as some type of doppelgänger.


  • While later appearances detect it as a incredibly muscular figure, this Infernal originally appearance presented it with a slimmer build.