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Knights of the Purple Smoke
Knights of the Purple Smoke.png
Kanji 紫煙騎士団
Rōmaji Shien Kishidan
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Base of Operations Netherworld
Status Active
Manga Chapter 155
Known Members

The Knights of the Purple Smoke (紫煙騎士団, Shien Kishidan) are a faction within the White-Clad who work for the Evangelist, like the Knights of the Ashen Flame. This group of knights are under the leadership of Ritsu.


The Knights are seen wearing white cloaks featuring a large cross of the Holy Sol Temple on the front. These robes conceal their bodies. They also wear pointed hoods with a single vertical gap.


Operation Nether Investigation arc

When Company 2 and Company 8 begin to investigate the Netherworld, they are attacked by Ritsu's reanimated Infernals. She then orders her followers to attack.