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Knights of the Ashen Flame
Ashen Flame Knights.png
Kanji 灰焔騎士団
Rōmaji Kaien Kishidan
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Base of Operations Netherworld
Status Active
Manga Scorching Malice
Anime The Spreading Malice
Known Members

The Knights of the Ashen Flame (灰焔騎士団, Kaien Kishidan) are a division of knights that work under the White-Clad, led by Shō Kusakabe. The true leader of the division is Haumea as she brainwashed Sho Kusakabe to do her bidding as a cover to escape the boring responsibilities bestowed upon her.


The White-Clad have two different uniforms. The most common among them, is a white burqa-type mask that conceals their face, a large white cape with the cross of the Sol God symbol, as well as a white shoulder-guard, a dark jumper with the same cross-insignia on it, white gloves, a jagged belt around their waist that holds up their white trousers that have a thick dark line going across the thigh area, and seemingly go all the way down to their feet, covering them. Some members of the group instead don a white cloak that covers their shoulders and has a hood.


The White-Clad were responsible for the mass Infernal outbreak in Asakusa, in the Year 194. The following year, a member of the White-Clad turned into an Infernal and the newly formed Company 8 responded to handle the situation. A red cross was left at the scene, which was quickly taken by a company operating in Asakusa.


  • In reality, Yotsuya Station is part of Japan's train system. Yotsuya Station is also close to St. Ignatius Church, a Catholic Church. This might be a reference to the Holy Sol Temple having a Christian inspiration in terms of design.