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Character Info
Kanji 火代子黄 (カヨコ・ホァン)
Romaji Kayoko Huang
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)
Brianna Roberts (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 6
Occupation Surgeon
Rank Captain
Manga Heroes Assemble
Anime The Promise (episode)

Kayoko Huang (火代子黄, Kayoko Huang) is the Third Generation Pyrokinetic captain of Special Fire Force Company 6 and the head doctor of their hospital.


Kayoko is a tall female with boyish short-black hair, light eyes and long eyelashes.[1] She dons the Special Fire Force jacket and metal-neck protection, with a cloak that reaches down to her waist. Instead of the Special Fire Force trousers, she wears black dress and black high-heels. During battle, she puts on a black surgical mask. She also wears a grey outfit featuring crosses of the Holy Sol on her lapels, a pair of straps running across her chest and large round collar.[2] When in the 6th Company Barracks, she wears a white lab coat over darkly coloured shirt.[3] Kayoko wears a surgical gown, gloves and mask when performing an operation. Her left hand palm as scarred following her encounter with the Adolla.


As a doctor Kayoko is very methodical and focused. In battles with Infernals she treats the encounter like an operation, referring to her targets as patients and quickly despatching them with tools and weapons chosen to suit the exact type of Infernal it is.[3] She also shows signs of religious faith, wondering if the Sun God is punishing Company 8 for entering the Netherworld. Given her position, she sometimes complains about how many cases she has to solve in a single day. Despite this, she is more than willing to treat the wounded when they come to her hospital or when collaborating with other Companies.


Kayoko is a Third Generation, who can use her Ignition Ability which takes the form of an asklepian to amplify the regeneration of the body by accelerating cell division.[4] In doing so, she can cure diseases, heal wounds, treat diverse symptoms, and in the case of treating someone who is a Third Generation, can use their own flames to increase the time of regeneration and to eliminate their pain instantly.


Preacher Pursuit arc

Kayoko, alongside the other seven Captains Fire Soldiers of the Special Fire Force, attends a meeting with Raffles III, where Adolla Burst and the issues involving Spontaneous Human Combustion are discussed.

Netherworld arc

After defeating an Infernal in the streets of Tokyo, Kayoko returns to the Special Fire Fighting Defence Clinic 6, astonished to see that Special Fire Force Company 8 have arrived at her office asking for help with recovering Shinra, as he had been stabbed through the chest by Haumea. Kayako then tends to the boy's wounds using her Ignition Ability. The operation is a success and Shinra wakes up three days later, matching with Kayoko's predictions.

Stigma arc

Kayoko appears alongside Hibana to examine Konro's injuries.


  • The surname Huang is extremely common in China meaning 'Yellow'. This implies that Kayoko's family may have come from the Chinese Peninsula.
  • The asklepian is different from the caduceus which is the symbol of Hermes which is a Herald's staff that has the two intertwined serpents. Asclepius, on the other hand, was a demigod who possessed such mastery over medicine that Zeus killed him due to the fact that his skill was so great that he was able to bring back the dead. He was the son of Apollo who was the god of, among other things, healing. He was later made into the God of medicine, healing, rejuvenation and physicians upon his father's request and was honored by the constellation Ophiuchus.


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