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Karin Sasaki Edit
Character Info
Kanji 火鱗
Romaji Karin
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Shogo Sakata (Japanese)
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 4
Manga Special Fire Force Company 4 (Chapter)

Karin Sasaki (火鱗 佐々木) is a former member of Special Fire Force Company 4.


Karin's eyes feature narrow lizard-like pupils. His hair is primarily black with his lengthy and his sharp bangs are red. He normally wears a Special Fire Force orange jumpsuit or the standard bunker gear when on a mission.


Karin is rude and arrogant, believing that Shinra Kusakabe did kill his own family and antagonising him because of it. He is also willing to believe whatever news or rumors tell him while his own friends are more sceptical. Despite his judgemental attitude, Karin does corporate well with the rest of Company 4 and fully believes in the group's motto: Never leave a man behind and protect the survivors. He was even willing to protect Shinra from the White Hoods, despite his reluctance, simply because of this motto and his friend Ogun insisting on it.  


Karin is a  Third Generation pyrokinetic who specialises in defence. His ability, Scale Shield, allows him to create hexagonal shapes of flame that can as shields. He is able to place them arround somebody to protect them from attacks or debris. Karin can also create a wall of Scales to form barricades and roadblocks. With the support of Pan Ko Paat, he is able to use Scale Shield: Full Force Deployment where countless scales come together to create a semi-dome large enough to protect an entrire coastline form destructive attacks.


VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc

Karin first appears during a training exercise and doing push ups with other members of Company 4. He picks on Shinra when Shinra, Shinra insults him causing Karin to grab him; however, Shinra knocks him down easily which surprises Karin. The fight is broken up by Ogun Montgomery. Karin is later controlled by Haumea to dress as a member of the 119 and attack Shinra while his is Linked with the First Pillar. Both they can hurt each other, Captain Sōichirō Hague binds Karin and removes a possessed Shinra from the room. After the conflict is over, Lieutenant Asako Arg from Company 6 examines Karin who has no memory of what happened.

Ōbi's Rescue arc

Watching a news broadcast in the company for cafeteria about Akitaru Ōbi being arrested for attempting to kidnap Shinra, Karin casually tells Ogun Montgomery that it was hard to believe that Special Fire Force Company 8 would be involved in the incident. Ogun surprises Karin by saying that something suspicious is going on.

Stone Pillars arc

Karin and other members of Company 4 arrive at the bay just in time to protect all of the civilans under fire from the Titan Infernal. Ogun and Karin are proud to have ensured zero casualties. Ogun is sent out to combat the Infernal in the air, with Pan and Karin's defensive boosts combining with Flamy Ink to enable him to deal massive damage to the Titan. Karin protects Ogun from chunks of the Infernal exploding outwards when Kurono's ashes start attacking the Infernal from the inside out. Karin objects to helping protect Shinra or Company 8 because of their criminal status, he quickly relents and follows his orders. He witnesses Kurono finally cripple and destory the Titan and its ashes flowing through the water towards the pillar, coating it black and igniting its peak.

Final Pillar arc

When the 8th Pillar rises from the sea near Tama Bay, Karin and the rest of Company 4 join forces with Company 2 and Haijima's agents. Pan orders his men to handle the evacuation and protection of civilians while Kurono and Honda attack the Titan Infernal. Karin is attacked when the people he is diecting turn into Infernals on mass, he uses his powers to hold them back and allow Ogun to lay them to rest. When the sun sets, Karin is present for the arrival of Raffles I and his attack on the mainland. When Company 8 arrive to support the counterattack, Pan combines his buffs with Karin's shields to protect the entire coastline to protect Tokyo.


  • The name Karin means "fire, flame, light, blaze" (火) (ka) and "scale/scales (fish)" (鱗) (rin).
  • Karin's surname Sasaki means "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki).


  • Karin's design changes significantly between appearances. His original appearence until chapter 99 featured all black hair and rounded pupils. The anime adaptation uses his later design during his appearences in the Company 4 arc.

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