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Holy Sol's Shadow Captain Edit
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) John Gremillion (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Holy Sol's Shadow
Occupation Assassin
Rank Captain
Manga The Shadow Born from the Divine Light

The captain of the Holy Sol's Shadow is a member of The Holy Sol Temple.


The unnamed captain was a middle aged man with fair hair, light eyes and a large nose. He has several scars on his upper body. While not on a mission, he wears the same basic rags the rest of the Shadows wore. When getting into battle, he wears a white harlequin uniform with a mask featuring curved eyes and no mouth. When moving covertly, he wears black cloaks over there uniforms.


The Captain of the Shadow of the Holy Sun possessed an extremely fanatical devotion to the Holy Sol religion, as well as an insanely staunch belief that no individual had any value. He believed that only the team and the wider collective had true strength and propose, and 'his collective' in particular, should devote themselves entirely to their faith without question, a point which he ruthlessly drove home to any of his subordinates throughout extremely brutal means. With the idea being that a group will always be able to come back together and being alone meant being disconnected from humanity, it results in the Captain appearing mostly devoid of emotion and personal identity. Even when in exterme pain or ordering the murder of innocent people, his face remains deadpan and unfeeling.

Despite these ideals, the Captain is hypocritical in his belief, in that he took personal pleasure in trying to break Five-Two's spirit and belittling him because of the boy's strong sense of curiosity, and that curiosity angered the Captain. He also shown streaks of unnecessary brutality and personal vindictiveness when he went so far as to murder innocents to ensure that Five-Two, who fled his collective, would always be alone and thus, worthless—an action that had nothing to do with serving his faith. Even after years of separation, the Captain willingly abandoned his unit in the middle of battle to focus on slowly killing his former subordinate to show that the latter is nothing more than a stray dog. This belief was eventually used against him when Joker's psychedelic smoke rendered the Captain completely cut off from the pack, rendering him completely helpless without his team and quickly slain.


Being a Third Generation, he could create flames to burn objects. He was also able to ignite his sword, using both his swordsmanship and power in combination to create an unpredictable fighting style that emphasized controlling air currents to misdirect attacks. As he was the one who trained many of the other Shadows, the Captain knows how to counter most of their fighting styles and overpower them. However, this faith in his knowledge causes him to underestimate his opponent's ability to grow or improve independently.


After Five-Two joined his organization, he used constant abuse and torture to remind the boy that he was nothing special despite the boy's notable skill. A few years later, when Shō Kusakabe was kidnapped, the captain ordered his group to find and kill the demon who kidnapped him and the baby, during which he was informed Five-Two had escaped their organization in the confusion. When the group learned Five-Two was taken in by a friendly family and where he was taking refuge, he ordered the family that took him in be killed just to show the rogue member he would always be alone for abandoning the group.


VS. Holy Sol Temple arc

The captain fighting Joker.

As Benimaru Shinmon and Joker enter the Netherworld after assaulting The Holy Sol Temple – Holy See, the Shadow of the Holy Sun confront the pair. Learning that Joker is his former subordinate Five-Two, he orders his group to attack and attempts to deal with his prodigal student personally. The Captain is able to overpower Joker with his sword, but Joker knocks him away with a punch and promises to kill the Captain with 52 cards.

While he briefly struggles against Joker's cards, the Captain once again bring his foe to his knees. Before he can kill Joker, the Captain succumbs to the effect of Joker's hallucinogenic smoke. During his confusion, Joker slices off the Captain's arm before mocking him and then slicing him into pieces. Leaving his pieces on the floor, Joker dismisses his former tormentor as a somebody incapable of existing without following a group. With the Captain's death being the only lasting loss the Holy Sol suffered, the liaison between the secret and public church factions is able to cover up the event without complication.