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Holy Sol's Shadow
Holy Sol's Shadow.png
Kanji 聖陽の影
Rōmaji Seiyō no Kage
Professional Status
Affiliation The Holy Sol Temple
Status Active
Manga The Shadow Born from the Divine Light
Anime Shadows Cast by Divine Light
Known Members

The Holy Sol's Shadow (聖陽の影, Seiyō no Kage) is a group of assassins that secretly belong to The Holy Sol Temple.


The Shadows wear white uniforms similar to harlequins. Wearing masks with curved eyes and devoid of mouths. When moving covertly, they wear black cloaks over their uniforms. The group often expresses the reverse prayer gesture to show their status as executioners of the church instead of redeemers.


The Holy Sol's Shadow is a top-secret group of assassins that serves the Holy Sol Temple and performs jobs of eliminating enemies of the Church and Infernals when the Special Fire Force cannot be involved. The group inducts and rigidly teaches various orphans of their lack of worth compared to the church and fanatical devotion to maintaining the greatness of the church by destroying its enemies and their own individuality. Joker was a member of the group in the past as an orphan, however, he eventually left the group and the Church as a whole. At the same time in Year 184, the group attempted to find the Infernal that abducted Shō Kusakabe with the intention of killing it.


The Shadows prioritize teamwork and fast hand-to-hand combat and the group as a whole is strong enough where Joker vouched they could hold off Benimaru Shinmon for some time. When unleashed, every member battles with an intent to kill and use concealed blades. As they do not value human life whether it be others or their own, the Shadows are capable of fighting despite being grievously injured without expressing pain or emotion. It is unclear how many members have Second or Third Generation abilities. 


VS. Holy Sol Temple Arc

As Benimaru Shinmon and Joker explore the underground passages beneath the Holy See, a minimum of eight Shadows approach them from the darkness with their hands in the reverse prayer gesture. The majority of the group battle against Benimaru while the Shadow Captain battles against Joker. Despite their endurance and skill, the Shadows are ultimately beaten by the Captain of Company 7. The captain battles against Joker and is able to overpower him until the criminal's illusions leave him vulnerable. Distracted and separated from the group, the Captain is quickly killed by Joker. With only one death, Leonardo Burns is able to force the Holy Sol to deal with the matter internally and allow Joker and Benimaru to leave peacefully.


  • The members of the group bear a resemblance to the Clowns of Atsushi Ōkubo's previous work, Soul Eater.