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Hibachi Shinmon (doppelgänger) Edit
Hibachi's Doppelganger.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Hibachi Shinmon (Counterpart)
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Adolla
Manga Asakusa Style

Hibachi Shinmon was the name adopted by the doppelgänger of Hibachi Shinmon.


Hibachi’s doppelgänger possessed dark skin akin to other members of his species, as well as cross shaped tattoos on his arms. He had flaming trails originating from his forehead in a similar manner to Konro Sagamiya’s doppelgänger, that were in the shape of Hibachi’s head tattoos. He possessed a muscular physique and goat like digitigrade legs and feet. During his fight with Benimaru Shinmon, he wore a tattered and torn version of Hibachi’s kimono.


As an Infernal, he retained his lust for battle and desire to test his successor, still barking the same belittling remarks towards his former student in battle. Unlike the original, this demonic Hibachi had no regard for the suffering of Infernals and seeks the destruction of Tokyo. Even firing dangerous attacks that risk civilian lives, his harsh remarks contained nothing but criticism and disappointment in Benimaru.


As a Demon Infernal,[1] Hibachi had incredible strength and durability. He was able to match Benimaru in combat, something Konro stated he should have struggled to do. In this state he is extraordinarily fast and strong, matching Benimaru easily blow for blow even without using his Ignition Ability and able to tear through normal Infernals with a single strike. Uniquely, this creature has the ability to float in the air and was able to maneuver perfectly for airborne combat.

Ignition Ability

Hibachi using Sun Wheel.

He could swiftly and perfectly use Iai Hand-Sword forms 1-7 as he is the creator. Each of his techniques were so drastically powerful they can blind bystanders with the intensity of his flames when clashing with Benimaru's own. His use of Form Four: Red Sun was so staggeringly powerful that despite the ocean being behind the firing point and not in direct flame it created a crater in the ocean and vaporized it. The power of his flames clashing with Benimaru were so powerful and hot they draw Adolla closer.


Stone Pillars Arc

Hibachi facing Benimaru.

As the Seventh Stone Pillar rises from the sea and Haumea reaches into the Adolla, Hibachi's Doppelgänger claws its way to the top of a pile of Infernal bodies. He manifests in the real world before Company 1, casually destroying Infernals in his path as he files towards Asakusa. By the 7th Pillar, he waits for a challenger as Benimaru flies to confront this shadow of his master. In the skies above Sumida Bay, The Doppelgänger's raw offense easily overwhelms Benimaru, knocking him into the waters below and chastising the Captain for his inability to use Sun Wheel. As the battle becomes more and more intense, the combined power of both Shinmons causes the Adolla realm to effect even the waves beneath them. Company 7 arrive and see the fight between their two leaders and begin to celebrate the spectacle of battle. Hibachi uses Moonlight to blind Benimaru before unleashing Burning Sun from beneath his target. Despite the attack's incredible power, Benimaru is able to use his Second Generation abilities to survive unharmed. Benimaru finally bows before the Demon and the memory of his father, now ready to kill him.

As Benimaru prepares his Sun Wheel, Company 7 surprise the Doppelgänger with cheers and fireworks. Benimaru readys his perfected Sun Wheel that shines so brightly the Infernal has to acknowledge its perfection. The doppelgänger smirks as Benimaru jumps from his matoi and reveals that he has combined Hibachi's Sun Wheel with Konro's Crimson Moon for his own attack: Crimson Moon's Sun Wheel. Completely obliterated, the doppelgänger finally praises Benimaru's strength and the audacity of trying to rule the moon and the sun at once.


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