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Hibachi Shinmon Edit
Hibachi Shinmon's Doppelgänger.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Wife
Benimaru Shinmon (Adoptive Son)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date January 8th (Capricorn)[1]
Age 58
Height 177 cm (5' 10")
Weight 83 kg (183 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Asakusa
Occupation Fire Chief
Rank Chief
Manga The Father of Protonationalism

Hibachi Shinmon is a former Fire Chief of the Asakusa firefighters.


In his past, Hibachi was unofficially in charge of handling fires and Infernals in the Asakusa area. He created his own squad to assist him whilst he purged any Infernals. As Hibachi's wife passed away without bearing a child for him, he had no biological heir to his position or techniques. He also refused to marry again or to have children with another woman as his deceased wife was the only woman he would ever love. In his free time, he trained Konro and Benimaru, with intention for the latter to become his successor, frequently sparring with him and training him in the ways of his self-created martial art.

Being responsible for fires in Asakusa also garnered him the respect, admiration and fear of the denizens, with his team laying to rest 9,569 Infernals, with himself having personally slain 278 Infernals. During one incident, while laying to rest an Infernal named Sakko, her son tried to prevent Hibachi from killing her. Once Benimaru restrained the child, Hibachi finished the infernal. Later, when Hibachi was walking through Asakusa the same child he saved stabbed him in the back for revenge, ending his life. In his final moments, he agreed with the boy, saying to either kill or be killed as he was just following the instructions of the adults.


Hibachi was a very strict man, but showed signs of tough love to those he cared for, especially for everyone in Asakusa. A natural born leader, he garnered the respect of Asakusa and he frequently scolded Benimaru and treated him rather harshly, but only because he wanted him to become a worthy successor who used his power responsibly. He took pride in his Iai forms and especially the final form, stating to Benimaru that it was a prerequisite to perform the technique to be recognized by him. One of the reasons he was so harsh was due to the guilt he felt in taking 278 lives when facing the Infernals, all of whom he still saw as living beings and people of Asakusa. While he viewed stopping them as a necessity, Hibachi conflicted with the ideals of the Holy Sol Temple cleansing the souls through praying. Believing that despite them praying to a god, the only one who takes responsibility is the one who killed the Infernal, not their god. This belief meant that Hibachi believed only an "idiot" could run Asakusa and carry the burden of taking these lives, something he wishes to raise Benimaru for, even if should he become a monster. Despite being a extraordinarily powerful man even by Asakusa standards, he still taught and believed in modesty.

Despite his tough exterior, his joy of fighting and his strictness, he loved his deceased wife dearly, stating she was the only woman he has ever, or will ever love. He also shows a liking towards Konro and Benimaru, giving Benimaru strict and tough love for his adopted son, not wanting him to be spoiled with kindness, but wanting him to become a worthy successor. Hibachi refused to judge Sakko's son even after the boy fatally stabbed him. Believing that it was only fair given the situation and admitting to not understanding why people thought it was acceptable for him to take innocent lives while others are punished for it.


Hibachi was an extremely powerful combatant during his time when he was in charge of Asakusa before the time of the Special Fire Force, and his strength allowed him to never be defeated by his student, Benimaru Shinmon, who would go on to be known as the strongest soldier in the force. Being a Third Generation, he used his ignited flames in conjunction with his unique fighting style, which he created, mastered and then passed down to Benimaru.

Hibachi's overall prowess earned him renown and infamy in Asakusa due to his power, with even Benimaru, the strongest member of the Special Fire Force being wary of him. His physical strength was immense and he constantly fought with his arms crossed, employing non-empowered kicks to enemies and mixing it up with flame enhanced punches or chops with his martial art techniques.


Hibachi's Third Generation Ignition Ability is very similar to Benimaru's, utilising the Iai Hand-Sword style as he was the one who taught him the techniques. His techniques and strength were so powerful that they could overwhelm a young Benimaru with little effort.

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