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Haumea Edit
Character Info
Kanji ハウメア
Romaji Haumea
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)
Caitlin Glass (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date February 18th (Aquarius)
Age 17
Height 163 cm (5' 4")
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Manga Before the Fight to the Death

Haumea (ハウメア, Haumea) is a former Third Generation pyrokinetic and a member of the White-Clad. She possessed a Adolla Burst and is known as the Second Pillar.


Haumea is a young woman with a thin curvy figure and long pale-blonde hair that is usually tied into a bun, and some bangs falling to the side of her face. Most notably, she dons a golden crown-like visor around her face, obscuring all her facial features excluding her mouth. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder that resembles a reset button, inside of a sun. She wears a baggy white onesie that is wrapped around her neck, and exposes the top of her arms and shoulders and the sides of her breasts. She also wears a darkly colored fabric under the white outer layer. She wears white sandal-like shoes that covers the majority of her feet, except her toes and heels, and are part of her onesie; as a young child, her feet were bare. Just below her chest, is a red sun-like figure on the white robe. Without her crown, her eyes are revealed, and their color is solid white. After connecting with the Evangelist, she manifests a third eye on her forehead.


Haumea being tortured by mankind's dark thoughts.

While initially quiet and somewhat nonchalant, Haumea soon reveals herself to be playfully enthusiastic about her schemes and goals. Even though Shō is her equal, she is not afraid to treat him like a child and even use her abilities on him to get what she wants. Her upbeat attitude comes with cruelty and sadism to friend and foe alike. Brimming with confidence, she dismisses concerns that she has revealed too much about the White Clads' goals or she might be overwhelmed by multiple opponents. As shown when Arthur's plasma repelled her electric signal, Haumea can react very childishly, grunting and showing obvious annoyance. She has also demonstrated an impulsive nature and a short temper when dealing with Charon's repetitive questions even as a child. Despite this she has faith in his ability to fix her mistakes. The first time she shows genuine distress and pain is while summoning a Demon, something that leaves her weeping and shaken until the process is complete. While she has great talent with being able to commutate through Adolla she shows signs of discomfort or stress when dealing with it.

Her past reveals Haumea's sadistic personality is a direct result of constantly hearing humanity's most wicked thoughts over the years, driving her to cope using violence or be driven insane from the strain. Despite her misanthropy, she does have some compassion for others as she is quite attached to Charon for showing her unconditional love throughout her life and becomes quite upset when he's seriously harmed. Haumea is also willing and able to be serious and professional if her missions calls for it, speaking plainly and politely to best manipulate a person to do as she wants.


Haumea controlling Mari.

From the moment she was born, Haumea endured hearing humanity's collective unconscious and maintained a pure heart in the wake constantly hearing the darkest parts of the human consciousness. After ten years of suffering and unlocking her Adolla Burst, Haumea began to mentally break from the strain, which led her to engage in sadism and violent madness against others to cope with constantly hearing the wicked thoughts of mankind.[1] Haumea seems to have been by the Evangelist's side for the majority of her life.[2] 12 years ago, while Haumea was only 5 years old and accompanied by a 17 year old Charon, she was tasked by the Evangelist with finding and abducting the new Adolla Burst host and Third Pillar, Shō Kusakabe.[3] In order to successfully abduct their target, Haumea controls a newly created Demon Infernal to bring her infant son to them.


Haumea using her Ignition Ability.

Haumea has adapted to the Spontaneous Human Combustion and awakened her Ignition Ability as a Third Generation. She utilizes her Ignition Ability as an Electric Shock User (電撃使う, Dengeki Tsukai).[4] She can use these electric shocks to destroy electrical systems, and use electrical signals to manipulate people's nerves and control them,[5] turning her opponents or random people into her puppets. Haumea is able to manipulate targets more precisely by controlling a person's endorphins and neurotransmitters to influence their behaviors. She can also use these electrical signals to communicate with people from a distance, a technique she calls Radiohead, making her a valuable asset in missions where she is separated from her team as she is able to distribute information without being next to her accomplices. She can also interpret the electrical signals in the brains of others to read their thoughts and feelings using a technique she calls Talking Head. Unfortunately this ability is constantly active, causing her to consistently hear the thoughts and intentions of others close and far from her. She can swing around using electricity and is also able to land on the ground from a huge distance without doing harm to herself and attach herself to metal pipes, which is speculated by Arthur to the result of electric magnetism.[6] The downside is that her abilities is negated against plasma. When she tried to brainwashed Arthur whose ignition ability is plasma, her ability short circuited.

As the Second Pillar, Haumea also possesses Adolla Burst. She has demonstrated the ability to observe events normal humans cannot, including a battle happening at miraculous speeds and events happening within Adolla hallucinations. She also seems to be able to control Demon Infernals to a degree. Both of these abilities appear to require a great amount of concentration. Haumea is also able to undergo a ritual that summons a Doppelgänger Demon, though this summoning places her under great strain and is extremely painful.

After both the Fifth Pillar and the Seventh Pillar willingly sacrificed themselves to Haumea, she gained both their abilities. As well as the death of First and the Eighth Pillars, she attained Iris Divine Protection. With the Evangelist accepting her, Haumea became a being close to a god. Even when time is stopped she can't be harmed as she has Inca's ability to see the future. As well as Sumire viberations. Additionally because she is one with Amaterasu, Haumea can fire a massive light of madness.


Netherworld arc

Haumea startles Yona in the Nether. The pair discuss that there are now three people with the Adolla Burst and that the Evangelist would be happy. Haumea and Yona are later seen observing the battle between Shinra and Shō. While the brothers clash at blistering speeds Yona can't follow, Haumea is able to keep track of the tide of the battle. She also claims that the awakening of the Adolla Burst alongside an Adolla Link connected to the Evangelist has created the Fourth Generation of Ignition Abilities. As Shinra and Sho finally conclude their fight and embrace each other as family, Sho realizes that Shinra has rematerialised his body around his sword and is suffering from severe injuries. While Sho is shocked and Shinra tries to comfort, Haumea cheerfully approaches them. Haumea tells Sho that Shinra's death would be wasteful that they must quickly leave in order to save his life. The exhausted Shinra asks her if she was the one who took Sho and why she wants the Adolla Burst. Haumea explains that the Great Disaster was a failure and she plans to using the Adolla Burst to create a successful Disaster. Furthermore, the White-Clad have been using the Bugs to find people who have the Adolla Burst. Yona chastises her for telling him so much, but she simply claims that nobody can stop her.

Haumea taking control of Shō.

When Haumea moves to take Shinra away, Sho interferes and demands to know what happened 12 years ago but she ignores him. When Sho attempts to activate Severed Universe, his ability doesn't activate and Haumea counters with her own Ignition to force Sho under her control and he shambles away. Shinra once again demands answers, but Haumea responds by resting her foot on Sho's sword and pushing into further into Shinra's chest. Her sadism is interrupted by gunfire from Takehisa Hinawa and a sword-slash from Arthur, although Haumea is able to repel each attack. Despite her abilities being ineffective on Arthur and her irritation of his use of plasma, she is able to effectively repel Company 8. Even destroying the electronic components of Maki's Iron Owls. However, her attempts to control Hinawa are countered by Arthur's Excalibur and Akitaru Ōbi almost crushes her with a column while she is distracted and displeased. As Haumea stares down the whole of Company 8 an earthquake strikes, signalling to Haumea and Yona that they must leave. Haumea mockingly promises to meet Company 8 again, if they survive.

Special Fire Force Company 4 arc

Haumea and Charon watch the events transparent within the Special Fire Force Training Academy from a rooftop. Haumea expresses glee as she controls members of Company 4 to provoke Shinra Kusakabe. Charon, unable to see what is occurring within the School relies on his partner to inform him about what is happening. The pair once again squabble, as Charon repeatedly asks for clarification about how Hitohashira Me is using the Adolla Link to control Shinra. Much to Haumea's fury. After Arthur manages to break Shinra from The First Pillar's grasp, the specter tells him that another 'Pillar' will be born into the world. Haumea overhears this and loudly claims that the White-Clad will find the new, fifth user of the Adolla Burst, even if they have to battle against the Fire Force.

Fifth Pillar arc

Haumea facing Arthur.

Using her electric signals, Haumea is able to find Inca, the Fifth Pillar, and sends Charon's group to capture her. When Shinra interferes and attacks Charon, Haumea observes the conflict from a distant rooftop. She is eventually detected by Maki's rebuilt Iron Owls flying overhead. While commenting on the failure of the Fire Force, Haumea is interpreted as Arthur attacks from above. While she is able to deflect his attacks, Arthur's plasma prevents Haumea's electricity from affecting him. Irritated, Haumea orders Charon to deal with Inca quickly so they can withdraw. As she engages Arthur, Haumea boasts that her side will be able to collect all Eight Pillars. As the battle intensifies, Haumea orders Charon to take Inca and retreats. She escapes Arthur by jumping from the rooftop and uses her magnetism to break the fall. Haumea regroups with Charon and his men in an alleyway after Inca chooses to join them of her own free will. Before they can leave, Panda holds them at gunpoint in an attempt to save Inca and avenge Sancho's murder. Before Haumea and Charon could deal with him, Inca dispatches her friend personally and they turn to leave.

Haijima Industries arc

Haumea canceling Maki's technique.

Haumea is partnered with Arrow while Charon attempts to capture the Sixth Pillar. She enters the battle at Haijima's facility by destroying Puppeteer's Dominions with her electrical shocks. Despite their skills, Arrow and Haumea's teamwork quickly breaks down on faced with Maki's martial arts skill and the Puppeteer's Dominion of Punishment. When Ritsu traps Nataku within her Flame Giant, Haumea uses Motor Head to alter his endorphins to heighten his aggression. This proves to be a risk for all combatants as Nataku lashes out at everyone. Arthur and Vulcan create an electromagnetic pulse to free Nataku from Haumea's influence and leaving her at the mercy of the Puppeteer. As the situation deteriorates and Nataku begins unleashing dangerous amounts of radiation and that has an attack that could level Tokyo, Haumea recognizes her mistake but expects Charon to help resolve things, which he does through his counter ability. Once Kurono destroys the Giant, the White Clad retreat.

Joint Investigation arc

Shō is later kept in a mind-controlled state under Haumea's watch. She forces Arrow to watch as she dresses Shō in a fancy white suit and applies make-up to the boy. Due to Haumea's abilities and manipulation of his mind, Shō is unable to fight back and has also had all the experiences he had with Shinra suppressed once more.

Ōbi's Rescue arc

Wanting to change Tokyo to its rightful state, Haumea leads a group of White-Clad to Holy See, where she takes control of Raffles III's mind to form an alliance. She then has him send an immediate summon for Leonard Burns. Upon him arriving to the establishment with Company 1's priests, Haumea and the White-Clad reveal themselves to them. Announcing that they just want to talk, Haumea reads Burns' mind and talks him into serving the Evangelist with them. Taking control over Tokyo, Haumea has Raffles order a arrest for Akitaru Ōbi, leading to him being imprisoned in Fuchū Prison in order to lure out the Fourth Pillar. Upon Shinra arriving to the prison, Burns' states he'll handle him alone, prompting Haumea to tell the Butchers to leave him to Burns.

Haumea performing a ritual.

Intending to form a link with a Doppelganger, she begins gathering the collective unconscious in the Netherworld's holiness place. Experiencing pain during the event, she begins to see the world of the new sun. Upon Burns being defeated by Shinra, Haumea notes a new pillar is born before approaching Company 8 with group of White-Clad while they struggle against Dragon. Announcing that a Demon born from Burns has risen as planned, she instructs the White-Clad to dispose of the fire soldiers except for the Pillars. Their attempts to do so are interrupt by Captain Benimaru arriving and managing to get Company 8 and Joker to safety. Haumea is still satisfied with the end results.

Stone Pillar Arc

Haumea appears exhausted and leaning against a wall for support when Yona comes to talk to her. She remains stoic as he tells her the Pillars are going to come together soon. While she is busy arranging the Final Mass, Shinra and Shō connect through an Adolla Link and all the emotions and memories Haumea suppressed in the Third Pillar come rushing back. Shō and Arrow manage to escape, something Haumea chastises the others for not noticing but declares irrelevant. Now that all Eight Pillars have awakened their powers and been identified there exact position does not matter. After the service Yona asks Haumea if she is ready for what is to come. She briefly and painfully communes with the Evangelist and says her preparations are satisfactory. With all members of the cult present, including Dragon and the Great Cataclysm Execution Specialist Force, Haumea orders Sumire to begin the final preparation. Using her vibration abilities, Sumire begins to send earthquakes across the nation and begin the appearance of the giant Stone Pillars around the nation.

Asakusa Showdown arc

3 months later, Haumea undergoes the same painful ritual she went through in summoning Burns' doppelgänger was surrounded by other White Clad cultists. As she gazes into the place all human thoughts travels to, Adolla, the world's image of Hibachi Shinmon claws its way to the top. While Leonard Burns' Doppelgänger watches from atop a strange dark pillar.

Final Pillar arc

The White Clad converse once more about their progress. As Adolla is the collective unconscious of a man, fusing it with physical reality will result in the public's mindset shaping the world. Yona insists they must do everything they can to ensure that the world remains guided to the thoughts and desires the White Clad have played out. Haumea gazes into the Adolla and sees that the masses are still hopeless and the Evangelist is content with this situation. To do this, the call forward the Final Pillar and the doppelgänger of Raffles Smith, the Holy Sol's historical founder and the first Emperor of Tokyo, to fight alongside a Titan Infernal he fuses with. Upon its destruction by Shinra to protect the nation, the public simply see a known criminal murdering their returning Messiah and perverting his holy judgement. With cries that their hero is actually a monster, all hope is lost.

Battle of Amaterasu arc

With Ascension of the final stone pillar and destruction of Raffles' doppelgänger by Shinra, the Eight Pillars disappear from the world and are sent to Adolla. Before leaving Haumea grins upon hearing the world will finally end. While the Pillars are in Adolla, their Guardians and allies mobilize to battle over the Amaterasu generator. Whichever side obtains control of it will be able to decide the fate of mankind.

Charon is shot and severely wounded by Hinawa during the battle. Once Giovanni makes his way into the core, Charon manages to put himself in front of the only entrance in the hopes of becoming a human shield that ensures the White Clad victory. Absorbing each shot of Hinawa's seemingly endless volley of Velocity Rampage attacks. During the onslaught, Charon reminisces about caring for Haumea and reaffirms his desire to start the Cataclysm to end her suffering. As Charon's body begins to break down under the strain of the energy and his own wounds, Haumea senses him form the Adolla. She cries out as her protector begins to die and the Cataclysm truly begins. Charon promises Haumea that she is strong enough to handle the rest on her own.

In the Adolla realm, Haumea drifts alone with tears following freely down her face. Calmly she explains to the others that the noise they are hearing is the sound of humanity's thoughts she has always been able to hear. Believing that the depth of human hope is mere resignation to the state of their lives, Haumea believes a true sense of hope is impossible. She tells the others that they should continue with the story, lamenting that Despair is not a special thing.

Great Cataclysm arc

Haumea appears in Adolla while Shinra remains asleep and bound to his Pillar. She prays silently and the Evangelist appears before her.

Having broken free from their restaints the Kusakabe brothers return to Adolla to confront Haumea and the Evangelist. Haumea awaits them alongside Sumire and Inca. Now armed with a new understanding of life, Haumea has returned to her calm saintly demeanour much to Shinra's discomfort and prepares to open her eyes for the first time in years. Removing her crown Haumea sheds a single tear for Charon as she looks down on the Earth from above. The sight of her true face and her compassion cause both Sho and Shinra to pause as they simply watch Haumea reach out her allies.


  • There are several characters in Fire Force whose names are allusions to or directly taken from both monotheistic and pantheistic religions and notable religious figures.
    • In Hawaiian mythology, Haumea is the goddess of fertility and childbirth and is the mother of several deities including Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Haumea also shares her name with a dwarf planet within our solar system. The dwarf is third among the largest trans-Neptunian objects in space, with the sixth-largest being named Charon, ironically.
  • According to her Character Profile:
    • She is self-proclaimed "Super Beautiful Girl Haumea-chan 46."
    • Her favorite foods are things with something like a liver or visceral sensations. Her least favorite food is the home cooking that Charon often makes.
    • Her favorite music is the fucking crazy noise system.
    • Her favorite animal is human-chan.
    • Her favorite color is white.
    • Her favorite type is if someone forcefully come onto her, it’s pretty unexpected.
    • She respects the Evangelist.
    • She hates the always noisy Charon. The plasma user of Company 8 is bad news.
    • She is afraid of Haumea-chan.
    • Hobbies: Peeking inside the heads of men who are thinking of nasty things.
    • Daily routine: Making fun of Sho.
    • Dream: To fulfill the goal of the Evangelist.
    • Her shoe size is 25 cm.
    • Her eyesight is "I can’t see in front of me idiot!"
    • Her favorite subject is health and physical education. Her least favorite subject: Even if Haumea-chan doesn’t study, anything and everything still enters her head.


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