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Haijima Industries arc
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Arc Info
Chapters 131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147
Episodes 3738394041
Arc Chronology
Preceded by VS. Holy Sol Temple arc
Followed by Iris arc

The Haijima Industries arc is the twelfth arc in the Fire Force manga.


Shinra Kusakabe and Viktor Licht vist Haijima Industries' Power Development Lab to find and protect Nataku Son from the company's cruel experiments. Despite Licht's status within the organisation, the pair find themselves underneath under heavy scrutiny and Licht realises that he will probably be killed for taking these riskes to find out more about the company.

Despite the allegations of abuse, the Haijima researchers show a peaceful and supporting environment for the children and claiming Nataku is at a different facility. However, Shinra senses Nataku's feeling of fear and desperation through the Adolla Link. Which causes he and Licht to realise the young boy is being hidden within the building.

In order to lessen the mistreatment of the children, Shinra agrees to partake in a combat experiment to give Haijima data on the Adolla Burst. Kurono enters the testing area and they begin to fight, with Kurono quickly overpowering Shinra with his smoke powers and being able to counter Shinra's Rapid attacks using his right arm. After Shinra attempts to hit him with a barrage of kicks, Kurono manages to drive him back with his smoke and then solidifying it into a series of blades to cut Shinra down. The researchers tell Kurono to pause the experimate but he simply uses his smoke to block their vision and continue the fight as he is enjoying himself. Before they can react, Licht and the other scientists are alerted to Nataku's powers awakening and growing out of control due to Shinra's power. As such, Licht alerts Captain Akitaru to this development and opens the exit from laboratory to allow Shinra to escape so they can find Nataku but Kurono manages to get to him first.

As Company 8 rush in, they are attacked by a puppet and it's controller and the Matchbox is flippped over by the dolls monsterous strength. Leaving Maki and Vulcan to handle the mysterious woman, the rest of Company 8 rush to find Shinra and Viktor. With Kurono trying to get through Shinra to get to Licht.


# English title Japan Release English Release
131 Chapter 131
132 Chapter 132
133 Chapter 133
134 Chapter 134
135 Chapter 135
136 Chapter 136
137 Chapter 137
138 Chapter 138
139 Chapter 139
140 Chapter 140
141 Chapter 141
142 Chapter 142
143 Chapter 143
144 Chapter 144
145 Chapter 145
146 Chapter 146
147 Chapter 147


# Title Japan Release English Release
38 Episode 38 October 3, 2020 February 28, 2021
39 Episode 39 October 10, 2020 March 7, 2021
40 Episode 40 October 17, 2020 March 14, 2021
41 Episode 41 October 24, 2020 March 21, 2021

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Haijima Industries arc
Chapters 131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147
Episodes 3738394041