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Haijima Industries
Haijima Industries Emblem
Kanji 灰島重工
Rōmaji Haijima Jūkō
Professional Status
Status Active
Manga First Run
Known Members

Haijima Industries (灰島重工, Haijima Jūkō) is an organization that has a major influence on the Special Fire Force, manufacturing all the equipment that Special Fire Force utilizes.[1] Despite Special Fire Force Company 5 being officially controlled by the Tokyo Army, Haijima holds a heavy influence over it. To the extent of being able to appoint a new Captain as a means of securing research material.[2] Captain Giovanni for Special Fire Force Company 3 also works alongside Haijima Industries.[3]


In Year 186, when Shinra was discovered to have Third Generation abilities, Haijima Industries designed special shoes for him, containing liquid nitrogen, which would allow him to control his abilities.[4]

The company president and other important officials spectated from the sidelines of the Rookie Fire Soldier Games.[5] Eventually, the actions of the White-Clad cause the Tokyo Empire to declare that all Companies must expand their Scientific investigations. As a result, the head of Haijima's incendiary research, Viktor Licht joins Special Fire Force Company 8 under imperial order.[6]


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