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Gustav Honda Edit
Character Info
Kanji グスタフ本田 (グスタフ・ホンダ)
Romaji Gusutafu Honda
Alias The Pachycephalosaurus of the Empire
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Relative(s) Wife
Voice Actor(s) Takaya Hashi (Japanese)
Brian Mathis (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date November 3rd (Scorpio)
Age 46
Height 165 cm (5' 5")
Weight 110 kg (243 lbs)
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 2
Rank Captain
Manga The Evil that Knows the Truth
Anime The Promise (episode)

Gustav Honda (グスタフ ホン, Gusutafu Honda) is a former Third Generation pyrokinetic, and the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 2.


Gustav's appearance.

Gustav has a chiseled jawline, small black pupils with black rings around his eyes, a black and bushy mustache and a bald scalp with shaved hair at the sides. He wears bunker gear, which consists of a protective outer jacket that is topped with shoulder pads and a higher collar, with a golden badge and a button on it, shaped like a cross-like insignia, dark trousers, boots and protective gloves. Parts of his outfit, just like with other Special Fire Brigade members, are coated with blue lines. The buttons of his protective jacket are in the shape of cross-like symbols. Gustav's outfit contains patches with "2" on them, to signify his affiliation to the 2nd Special Fire Brigade.


Don't let the kids from Companies 5 and 8 show you up!
— Captain Honda encouraging Takeru Noto.

Gustav carries himself as a serious military man. He is also very loyal to Raffles III. These two traits create tension when Gustav interacts with the relaxed and disrespectful Captain Benimaru.

Despite his gruff appearances, Gustav does care of his subordinates, rescuing Takeru Noto from danger and pushing him to take part in a training exercise with Company 1 to improve his abilities. This also hints towards a more competitive side of the captain as he seems to be partly motivated by a desire to prove his recruit's talent. It is hinted that Captain Honda is sensitive about his baldness, but is unaware that it is a source of gossip amongst his followers.


Gustav is a Third Generation, who has awakened the ability to produce flames from his scalp. He can use these flames to repel and destroy objects, such as falling debris, with a single headbutt. He also has incredible physical strength, speed, and durability, being able to quickly ram into and destroy Giant Infernals with incredibly fast headbutts and fire himself from a massive cannon to be used as a deadly projectile.[1]


Introduction arc

Gustav saves Takeru from falling debris.

Gustav attends the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, alongside other members of the 2nd Special Fire Brigade, where he watches his newest recruit compete in the simulation exam. When Takeru uses his Ignition Ability, Gustav comments on the boy's destructive power, but lack of control. Later, when the building, the tournament was held in, bursts into flames, Gustav rescues Takeru from the falling debris.

VS. Special Fire Force Company 1

At the Special Fire Base 2, Gustav sends Takeru off to train at the Special Fire Force Company 1 alongside the recruits from Special Fire Force Company 5 and Special Fire Force Company 8 and wishes him good luck, telling him not to slack off and fall behind the other trainees. He and his brigade later confront a giant Infernal in the streets of Tokyo. He later defeats the Infernal with his Ignition Ability.

Evangelist Pursuit arc

Gustav appears along alongside the seven Battalion Commanders of the Fire Forces, attending a meeting with Raffles III to discuss the Adora Burst, the recent appearances of the White Hooded figures and other issues involving the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon.

Stone Pillars arc

Gustav features heavily in this arc, leading Company 2 as one of the first to respond to the first Stone Pillar. He orders Juggernaut to fire upon the structure using his newly-acquired cybernetic cannon-arm.

Post-Kusakabe History arc

Honda appears in this arc.


  • In keeping with the trend of character names being references, the captain's given name and surname could derive from both religion as well as real life military servicemen and instruments of war:
    • A possible meaning of the name Gustav is "staff of the gods" from the Old Norse elements Gautr ("Geats"), Gutar/Gotar ("Goths") or goð ōs ("gods"), and stafr ("staff").
    • It might've also been inspired by the Schwerer Gustav, one of the biggest artillery pieces ever to have been fielded into battle, or the Langer Gustav — an even bigger cannon that was never completed, due to being damaged from bombing raids.
    • "Honda" (本田) is a Japanese corporation, whose main focus is the manufacturing of motor vehicles and power equipment. It is also the family name of a Sengoku period general famed for his skill and strength.
  • According to his Character Profile:
    • He is a self-proclaimed hard-working captain.
    • His favorite foods are hotpot and milt tea. His least favorite foods are blind hotpot, as it's a blasphemy against hotpot.
    • His favorite music is the Imperial Anthem, and that fight song that the kids are singing these days. He doesn't know the name.
    • He feels an affinity towards bovines, making them his favorite animals.
    • His favorite color is green.
    • His type of women is his wife.
    • He respects General Oze and his parents.
    • He hates ne'er-do-wells who fights against the Empire and people who take over at a hotpot meal.
    • He is afraid of his wife and hopes that this profile is confidential.
    • His hobbies, lately, he have been looking forward to hearing his subordinates discuss their love lives.
    • His daily routine involves making his wife and daughter happy; it's an uphill battle.
    • His dream is to work hard to make a better nation.
    • His shoesize is 27 cm (10).
    • His eyesight is 1.5 (20/12.5), but they're getting worse with age.
    • For his favorite subject, he is good at language arts and social studies, and does not have a least favorite subject.


  1. Fire Force Manga: Chapter 8, Page 13

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