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Gureo Haijima Edit
Haijima Industries' President.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Nobuo Tobita (Japanese)
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries
Occupation President
Manga The Rookie Fire Soldier Games
Anime A Pair of One-Eyes

The president of Haijima Industries.


Gureo Haijima is an unassuming middle-aged man with dark hair parted to the left. He is always wearing a business suit and glasses. His eyes are dark and inexpressive, although they appear more energetic if he is hopeful.


Gureo is a shrewd man who neither wastes time or let's his feelings cloud his judgement.[1] If needed, he will have people killed to further his own ends but is also willing to spare them if the situation changes. Escaping his grasp is considered extremely lucky. While often uncooperative and difficult,[2] once he decides to work with others he is open about his secrets and desires. Gureo is exceptionally pragmatic, believing that somebody suffering so that millions can live is perfectly reasonable and is willing to put somebody else through that pain if needed. Despite this, he is extremely interested in means of helping the Tokyo Empire that do not require such sacrifices. It is unclear if this is due to genuine empathy or a desire to have a more effective and successful business model. 


Introduction arc

While attending the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, he laughs as one of his peers asks if he's concocted something devious again for the tournament. 

Haijima Industries arc

Gureo calls Victor Licht to the Haijima Industries Paper Making Factory, for a meeting. Once Licht enters his office, Gureo reminds him that he is meant to be investigating Company 8 instead of researching and speculating about the Chinese Peninsula. While his colleague berates Licht about his theories, Gureo dismisses this discussion and instead asks Victor to bring Shinra Kusakabe to him. When the situation at the Skills Development Laboratory escalates due to the involvement the Knights of Ashen Flame, Gureo contacts Kurono directly and orders him to save Nataku.

After the conflict between Haijima, the Knights and Company 8 ends; Gureo meets with Shinra, Akitaru and Licht to organise an alliance against the Evangelist. In exchange for their cooperation against her, Gureo agrees to spare Licht and help Vulcan's efforts to create a different source of power that does not require a human sacrifice. Despite this, he still wishes to study the Adolla Burst through experimenting on Nataku and Shinra.


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