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The Guardians (守リ人, Mori Bito) are people from a variety of organizations who are assigned to protect and support their respective member of the Pillars.  


Once a member of the Eight Pillars falls into the Evangelist's hands, one of her followers is chosen to be their Guardian. The Guardian is chosen based on the strengths and weaknesses of their mutual Pillar. Through cooperation and establishing a relationship both partners can work efficiency by working together. The exact dynamic of each duo and their methods are unique to each pairing and can be disastrous if the pairs are suddenly changed. With Arrow acting on the behalf of her charge while they remain away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Ritsu uses the support of her ally's abilities to use her own abilities more freely. The term is used to describe those outside the White Clad that protect and support a Pillar outside the organisation.

Current Guardians

Pillar Name Guardian
First Amaterasu Unknown
Second Haumea Charon
Third Shō Kusakabe Arrow
Fourth Shinra Kusakabe Joker
Fifth Inca Kasugatani Ritsu
Sixth Nataku Son Kurono Yūichirō
Seventh Sumire Unknown
Eighth Iris
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