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The Guardians (守リ人, Mori Bito) are people from a variety of organizations who are assigned to protect and support their respective Pillar, ranging from the second to the sixth.  


When one of the Eight Pillars joins the White-Clad or otherwise falls into the hands of the Evangelist, one of her followers is chosen to be their Guardian. The Guardians job is to protect their designated Pillar, even at the cost of their own life. The term is used to describe those outside the White Clad that protect and support a Pillar outside the organization.

A Guardian is chosen based on the strengths and weaknesses of their Pillar. For example, the Fifth Pillar, Inca is able to detect and ignite trace pathways of heat, allowing her to make her target burst into flames. While Inca's Guardian, Ritsu, is able to manipulate the ashes from charred corpses and use them to augment Infernals. By Ritsu's own admission, with Inca's power supporting her, she could use her ability to its fullest potential. Through cooperation and establishing a relationship, both Pillar and Guardian can work together efficiently.

The exact dynamic of each duo and their methods are unique to each pairing and can be disastrous if the pairs are suddenly changed. With Arrow acting on the behalf of her charge while they remain away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Ritsu uses the support of her ally's abilities to use her own abilities more freely.

Current Guardians

Name Pillar Affilation Powers Image
Charon Haumea, the Second Pillar White-Clad Charon is a Second Generation with the power to absorb the force of his enemies attacks and release the stored energy as flames. Charon.png
Arrow Shō Kusakabe, the Third Pillar White-Clad Arrow is a Third Generation with the ability to generate flames in the shape of a bow and arrow. She can shoot her flame arrows with great speed and force. Arrow.png
Joker (Self-proclaimed) Shinra Kusakabe, the Fourth Pillar Holy Sol's Shadow Joker is a Third Generation with the ability to shape his flames into playing cards that he can use as blades. Joker.png
Arthur Boyle Special Fire Force Company 8 Arthur is a Third Generation with ability to generate a blade of super heated plasma from his sword hilt. Arthur Boyle.png
Ritsu Inca Kasugatani, the Fifth Pillar White-Clad Ritsu is able to control the ashes of charred corpses and adhere them onto an Infernal, making the Infernal larger and stronger. An Infernal made from a trained fighter is stronger than one made from an ordinary person off the street. Ritsu Infobox.png
Yūichirō Kurono Nataku Son, the Sixth Pillar Haijima Industries Due to his Tephrosis, Kurono is able to generate and manipulate smoke. His smoke can be shaped and hardened into blades, used to conceal himself, and incinerate people from the inside out after they breathe it in. Kurono Yūichiro.png