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Great Cataclysm arc
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Arc Info
Chapters 251252253254255256257258259260261262263264265266267268269270271272273274275276277278279280281282283284285286287288289290291292293294295295296297298299300301302
Arc Chronology
Preceded by Battle of Amaterasu arc
Followed by Epilogue arc

The Great Cataclysm arc is the twenty-fourth story arc of the Fire Force manga series.


Large scale fires and Infernal outbreaks begin to happen across the Tokyo Empire as the Cataclysm begins. With doppelgängers appearing in front of their human counterparts to attack them. The Eight Pillars remain inside Adolla as a weeping Haumea tells them the Evangalist's story is ending now. The citizens recognise this as the Great Disaster described in their Church's teaching while the Fire Force try to find a solution. Using Joker's insight into Adolla and the world, Company 8 conclude that despair and humanity's view of the future is defining reality. Licht and Obi reason that this means restoring hope and envisioning a solution will overturn the Disaster. Contacting the other 7 Fire Force Captains, Obi quells their fears and tells them they need to be the heroes of the country to inspire change. Meanwhile, Arthur enlists Vulcan's aid to complete a ritual that will allow him to defeat Dragon. This determination does not go unnoticed by Dragon, who senses Arthur's resolve and decides to return to the Earth for another battle.

Despite Company 8's work protecting people and evacuating the city there is no real change in events. Licht grimly theorises that The Evangalist's plan, the story of their lives, gives some people more control over the world than others. The issue being that protecting the masses alone will do nothing as the general public get swept up by those who drive events forward. This theory proves its merit as Faerie oversees doppelgängers attacking high ranking members of the Fire Force with the intention of breaking their faith. Pan stares down the monstrous doppelgänger of Captain Hague while Karim and Company 1 are attacked by the doppelgänger of Rekka Hoshimiya. Pan quickly finds his resolve to protect his mentor's memory and destroys the copy with his Rending Multi-Stacked Drill after a short but brutal struggle. Karim struggles to recognise the double as anything but the original, as it is identical in appearance and personality to his fallen friend. Recognising that Karim's guilt over Rekka's death and also unwittingly supporting his criminal desires is the cause of this conflict, Captain Li stands back and lets his Lieutenant find the answer to his problems. When Thermoacoustic Refrigeration clashes with Star Fist Punch, the two former friends try to understand each other during the stalemate. Li's advise to move forward beyond Rekka's death and accept himself pushes Karim forward. Finally accepting Rekka's death and evil ambitions allows Karim to accept his honesty and companionship as well. Realising that they were friends; Karim truly makes peace with Rekka's actions and his own feelings as he manages to overwhelm and defeat him once more. This allows Karim to value his future and hope.

Arriving at Special Fire Cathedral 8, Vulcan follows Arthur inside to aid in whatever trail the Knight has planned.


# English title Japan Release English Release
299 Chapter 299 Answer
300 Chapter 300 The Only Way
301 Chapter 301 Choosing the Future
302 Chapter 302 Divine Judgement
251 Chapter 251
252 Chapter 252
253 Chapter 253
254 Chapter 254
255 Chapter 255
256 Chapter 256
257 Chapter 257
258 Chapter 258
259 Chapter 259
260 Chapter 260
261 Chapter 261
262 Chapter 262
263 Chapter 263
264 Chapter 264
265 Chapter 265
266 Chapter 266
267 Chapter 267
268 Chapter 268
269 Chapter 269
270 Chapter 270
271 Chapter 271
272 Chapter 272
273 Chapter 273
274 Chapter 274 The Saviour and The Guardian Angel
275 Chapter 275 The Reaper Sneers
276 Chapter 276 Imitation
277 Chapter 277 Imitation
278 Chapter 278 Setting Off
279 Chapter 279 Suppression of Assault
280 Chapter 280 Lucky Lecher Lure
281 Chapter 281 A Lecher of Value
282 Chapter 282 Eroticism is The Greatest
283 Chapter 283 Shadow of The Trump Card
284 Chapter 284 The Strongest vs. The Maddest
285 Chapter 285 The Srongest’s Decisive Battle
286 Chapter 286 Dive into the Jaws of Death
287 Chapter 287 The Holy Woman of Despair
288 Chapter 288 Salvation is…
289 Chapter 289 United as One
290 Chapter 290 Pierced Hope
291 Chapter 291 Into a Second Sun
292 Chapter 292 The Fourth Time
293 Chapter 293 The Kusakabe Family
294 Chapter 294 Despair vs. Hope
295 Chapter 295 Privileged Meeting
296 Chapter 296 Shinrabanshoman
297 Chapter 297 The Big Bang of Hope
298 Chapter 298 Dear Lord


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Great Cataclysm arc
Chapters 251252253254255256257258259260261262263264265266267268269270271272273274275276277278279280281282283284285286287288289290291292293294295296297298299300301302