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This is the article on the ability. For the similarly named chapter, see Fourth Generation (chapter).
Fourth Generation
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Generation Info
Japanese 第四世代
Romaji Dai Yon Sedai
Manga Fourth Generation (chapter)

A Fourth Generation (第四世代, Dai Yon Sedai), as dubbed by Haumea,[1] is a pyrokinetic individual who has awakened their Adolla Burst and connected with an other worldly being through the Adolla Link.


Though not fully explored, a Fourth Generation ability is an Ignition Ability that a select few Third Generation pyrokinetics are able to achieve. In order to utilize a Fourth Generation ability, a pyrokinetic must possess an Adolla Burst, and have received an Adolla Grace from an otherworldly being, such as the Evangelist or the Woman in Black.

Shinra disintegrating.

While the Adolla Grace is active, those who are part of the Fourth Generation gain an immense boost to their pyrokinetic abilities. In some cases, a pyrokinetic gains the ability to use their fire powers to defy the very laws of physics, something that cannot be achieved be an ordinary pyrokinetic. For example, Shō Kusakabe is able to slow down the flow of time by decreasing the heat that all for the natural expansion of the universe. Shinra Kusakabe can accelerate to the speed of light, causing his body to disintegrates into particles, the particles then surpass the speed of light, causing them to go a spit-second back in time to before Shinra's body broke apart, causing him to rematerialize.

A Fourth Generation ability is dependent of the Adolla Grace, which the otherworldly being can revoke at any time. Furthermore, the being must be strong enough to sustain the Grace, otherwise the Fourth Generation Ability can only be utilized for a brief time, as little as only a single second.

It is speculated by Viktor Licht that these seemingly impossible abilities carry side effects that are dangerous for both the user and the world around them; Shinra surpassing the speed of light continuously ran the risk of manifesting a black hole. However, while Fourth Generation abilities have displayed some drawbacks, such as Shō's body being exposed to extreme cold when he cools down the universe, there have yet to be any instances of drawbacks that would normally result from the defiance of the laws of physics actually occurring.


  • Before her abilities fully awakened and despite being unaware of the category's existence, Inca Kasugatani speculates that her ability to sense fires might be the first ever case of a Fourth Generation ability.


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