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Fourth Generation
Shinra vs Shō
Generation Info
Japanese 第四世代
Romaji Dai Yon Sedai
Manga Fourth Generation (chapter)
Inca KasugataniShinra KusakabeShō Kusakabe

A Fourth Generation (第四世代, Dai Yon Sedai), as dubbed by Haumea,[1] is somebody who awakens their Adolla Burst and connects with the Preacher via the Adolla Link.

Overview Edit

Shinra disintegrating

Shinra disintegrating.

Though not fully explored, a Fourth Generation ability is awakened when someone who has acquired both the Adolla Burst and the Adolla Link forms a connection with the Preacher or similar being.

While linked with the Preacher through the Adolla Link, using what is called 'Grace' or 'Divine Protection', those who are part of the Fourth Generation gain incredible powers. Such as being able to control time and seemingly stop it itself, or being able to move so quickly that the body disintegrates and re-integrates at speeds close to the speed of light. It is speculated by observers that these impossible abilities should carry side effect that dangerous for both the user and the world around them, however the Preacher's otherworldly protection seemingly nullifies these drawbacks. However, once the connection with the Preacher is lost or the Preacher otherworldly protection chooses to remove its Divine Protection the user loses access to their Fourth Generation ability. The Black Lady was only able to extend her Grace for a second, meanwhile the Preacher is able to give power seemingly indefinitely.


  • Before her abilities fully awaken and despite being unaware of the category's existence, Inca Kasugatani speculates that her ability to sense fires might be a Fourth Generation ability.

References Edit

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