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Episode 48
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Episode Info
Arc Stigma arc
Episode 48
Release Info
Japan December 12, 2020
English May 9, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Signs of Upheaval is the forty-eighth episode of the Fire Force anime and the twenty-fourth and final episode of the second season.



Shinra and Arthur continue their intense training, enduring a series of proto-nationalist hazings which pushes their bodies to the point of unleashing their hysterical strength. Shinmon goads them into a fight, but after hours of intense combat he still defeats them with little effort. Shinra has exhausted almost all the oxygen in his body and he enters a semi-conscious state facing death, but his survival instinct kicks in and experiences an Alolla link while covered in blue flames. Meanwhile, Konro is visited by Hibana and Company 6 Captain Kayoko Huang, who examines him and determines that an Adolla link is still present in those bearing a scar from their contact with Adolla. Assuming the White-Clad is attacking other marked ones, Hibana prepares to warn Captain Hague but he is killed in his office by a White-Clad with a golden hand. Meanwhile, Shinra sees his mother, Sho and Hague's death through his Adolla Link. These events prompt Shinmon to unite the 7th with the rest of the empire, while the 8th and their new Fire Force allies prepare for the upcoming war with the Evangelist. The Knights of the Ashen Flame overlook the city and prepare for a final assault on the Tokyo Empire.



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