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Episode 47
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Episode Info
Japanese 炎猫
Arc Stigma arc
Episode 47
Release Info
Japan December 5, 2020
English May 2, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Firecat (炎猫, Enbyō) is the forty-seventh episode of the Fire Force anime and the twenty-third episode of the second season.


Shinra and Captain Hibana visit Lieutenant Konro at the 7th to discuss his possible connection via an Adolla Link. They arrive and find him being attacked by a White Clad, but Konro kills him with a katana, avoiding the use fire because of his tephrosis. Konro then explains that he experienced Adolla two years earlier when he fought a demon which seemed like a doppelganger of himself. The demon gave him a telltale scar and caused his tephrosis when he destroyed it using the 'hysterical strength' of his fight-or-flight response. Shinmon determines that Shinra has improved his fighting skills, and offers to teach him how to access this strength. Later, Shinra, Arthur and Tamaki visit him for the lesson and he begins to test the two boys by fire. However, he assigns Tamaki to see if she can deal with the twin sisters Hikage and Hinata who decide on a game of tag. Tamaki initially does not treat the game seriously, but after being initially beaten by the sisters, she draws on her resolve to push her 'Nekomata' ability to become a 'Firecat' and beat them. Shinmon praises her for peeling away her layer of self-restraint, however he is taken aback by the peeling away of her clothes as part of her 'Lucky Lecher Lure Syndrome'.




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