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Episode 46
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Episode Info
Japanese 滅亡の企み
Arc Joint Investigation arc
Episode 46
Release Info
Japan November 28, 2020
English April 25, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Plot for Extinction (滅亡の企み, Metsubō no Takurami) isthe forty-sixth episode of the Fire Force anime and the twenty-second episode of the second season.



Shinra and Arthur continue their battle with Dr. Giovanni who uses his new insect ability to predict their moves. When Shinra reveals that he heard Giovani's voice in his head, Giovanni explains that it can only happen via an Adolla Link, and Shinra recalls that it happened once with Lieutenant Konro. Meanwhile, Licht explains to Commander Honda that the Evangelist plans to destroy the center of the Tokyo Empire by exploding Infernals which have been strategically arranged within the Nether. He suggests that Maki may have the power to redirect the blast even though they may all be incinerated underground. Maki prepares for the challenge, against the objections of her brother Tagaki Oze who states that as a girl she is too frail. Ritsu commences the explosions of the Infernals, and Maki and Tagaki collaborate to redirect the flames to the lower levels of the Nether through narrow passageways, neutralizing them. Dr. Giovanni is surprised when the explosion is foiled, but escapes by transforming into a myriad of insects even after Arthur severs his head. The Fire Force survivors return to the surface and Honda acknowledges the effort of Company 8, stating that the Fire Force and military must unite to defeat the Evangelist. Maki happily returns to Company 8, with the grudging acceptance of her brother and father, General Oze.



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