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Episode 44
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Episode Info
Arc Joint Investigation arc
Episode 44
Release Info
Japan November 14, 2020
English April 11, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Weapon of Destruction is the forty-fourth episode of the Fire Force anime and the twentieth episode of the second season.


The investigation in the nether begins, while Maki returns to her previous occupation as a secretery in the Tokyo army by her fathers command.


At 8am, the Company 2 Fire Force units enter the Nether simultaneously; Shinra with the Hebio Squad, Arthur with the Heckler Squad, Hinawa with the Engo Squad which is joined by Takigi Oze from CID, Tamaki with the Kagenashi Squad, and Victor with the Ohana Squad. The Kagenashi Squad are hit by an explosion, and the Ohana Squad encounter Ritsu, a Knight of the Purple Haze who commands a large group of Infernals reanimated from bodies left behind during the Great Cataclysm. The squad takes a number of casualties which Ritsu then adds to her assault on the surviving members, leaving only Victor who escapes with his life. Meanwhile, Platoon Leader Amon Hajiki of the Kagenashi Squad uses his heat-seeking eyes and shooting skills to destroy all the Infernals attacking their squad, however he is suddenly killed by the Medusa Whip-wielding Orochi of the Purple Haze. Orochi attacks Tamaki, but although her flame-based whip can only cut Tamaki superficially, she slowly gains the upper hand. The shy Juggernaut overcomes his fears and attacks Orochi to save Tamaki, but the Purple Haze knight uses her Medusa Whip for both defence and attack. She slices at the oversize uniform of Juggernaut, cutting into his body, but he eventually finds his strength as a weapon of destruction and launches a massive bomb of fire at close range which destroys Orochi and avenges Amon.



The nether

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