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Episode 43
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Episode Info
Arc Joint Investigation arc
Episode 43
Release Info
Japan November 7, 2020
English April 4, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

The Oze Family is the forty-third episode of the Fire Force anime and the nineteenth episode of the second season.


Maki has a rare dinner at the Oze family home with her mother, Madoka, her father, General Danro and brother Takigi. After dinner, they discuss the situation within the Nether, where strange smells have been emanating lately. The following day, Tagaki and his partner investigate together, descending into one of the dark underground tunnels. They follow fresh tracks and reach an equipment room which appears to be a White Clad lab containing jars of live Infernal bugs. Suddenly, a White Clad appears wearing a bomb belt and detonates it. The explosion blows the two investigators backwards, although Takigi takes the brunt of the blast and they are both taken to hospital. Following the injury to his son, Danro decides that the military must intervene in the activities of the Evangelist. He commissions Commander Honda of Company 2 to investigate the Nether and Honda requests the assistance of Company 8. However, Maki is ordered to return to the military by her father for her safety and she reluctantly complies. Victor suggests simultaneous incursions into the Nether to catch the White Clad unawares. Because of their prior experience, one Company 8 member is assigned to accompany each if the Company 2 units to carry out the investigation.




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