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Episode 41
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Episode Info
Arc Haijima Industries arc
Episode 41
Release Info
Japan October 24, 2020
English March 21, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Boys, Be Weak is forty-first episode of the Fire Force anime and the seventeenth episode of the second season.



Shinra attacks the giant Infernal containing Nataku and uses the Adolla link to trigger the young boy's memories. Nataku recalls his mother's oppressive expectations for him to excel, and the similar pressure he felt pressure from Kurono in the Haijima research facility. Nataku resents these feelings and increases the intensity of his radiation, firing a mighty blast which threatens to destroy the entire region. However, it is intercepted by Charon who first absorbs and then redirects the blast towards the moon. Meanwhile, Kurono fears that Nataku is becoming too strong and creates a huge katana from black smoke which he uses to cut the Infernal to pieces and extracts Nataku. He tells the boy to stay weak and able to be bullied, releasing Nataku from his mother's unreasonable expectations. On Charon's command, the White Clad withdraw, leaving Nataku to Haijima under Kurono's care. Company 8 has a meeting with President Gureo Haijima who casually admits that he knows Amaterasu is powered by a human which is why Haijima are seeking a person possessing the Adolla Burst to create another version. Vulcan interrupts and announces that he can design a unit which does not require a human power source. Haijima agrees to fund it in return for ownership and even offers to help Company 8 in its quest against the Evangelist who poses a threat to Haijima’s profitability.



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