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Mind Blown
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Previous Episode 39
Next Episode 41
Episode Info
Arc Haijima Industries arc
Episode 40
Release Info
Japan October 17, 2020
English March 14, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Mind Blown is the fortieth episode of the Fire Force anime and the sixteenth episode of the second season.


Puppeteer directs Dominion to attack Haumea while Maki turns her attention to Haumea's protector Arrow, and almost defeats her. Haumea is incensed and almost electrocutes Arrow, demanding better support. Meanwhile, Kurono becomes bored fighting Arthur and Shinra as they are strong opponents and he uses his Black Smoke to kill the hapless White Clad holding Nataku. A three-way tag team battle develops a effort to capture the boy, almost like a basketball game. Ritsu creates an infernal with a bug and then uses her Necro Pyro power to raise the charred bodies of the White Clad and create a giant Infernal which incorporates Nataku into its body. Gureo Haijima orders Kurono to retrieve Nataku and so he offers to work with Shinra to do it. However, Haumea sends an electric pulse into Nataku, increasing his level of dopamine and beta-endorphins. This causes his Infected Imagination, overloading his mind and Nataku starts randomly firing beams of radioactive energy. Vulcan drives to the scene in a Morgan 3-Wheeler with Arthur to stop him and Vulcan convinces Arthur to plunge his sword into the Matchbox, creating a plasma wave which breaks Haumea's control over Nataku. Haumea goes to stop Arthur while Shinra prepares to rescue Nataku and Kurono wonders if he should seek another, easier job.




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