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The Ashen Reaper
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Episode Info
Japanese 灰の死神
Arc Haijima Industries arc
Episode 38
Release Info
Japan October 3, 2020
English February 28, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

The Ashen Reaper is the thirty-eighth episode of the Fire Force anime and the fourteenth episode of the second season.


Viktor Licht admits that he is the spy of Haijima industries and requests that he will take Shinra with him so they can investigate the connections of Haijima with Evangelist. Inside Haijima Industries, experiments on Nataku carries on as he battles with Kurono. Shinra remembers about Kurono on how depraved he was when Shinra was a child. As they arrive inside, Shinra gets an adolla link with Nataku asking Shinra to save him. The researchers experiments on Shinra's adolla burst by making him fight against Kurono, things get out of control as Shinra gets beat up by the black smokes and Kurono disobeys the orders.


Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle are cleaning outside Special Fire Cathedral 8, while Lisa Isaribi assists Vulcan Joseph who is designing a new device to be prepared for the next combat. Vulcan remembers on how Giovanni was using Lisa and awaits payback, which Shinra also agrees to. Arthur shortly suspects Shinra as a spy for Haijima Industries because, he was there when he was a child and gets into a fist fight with him. Vulcan stops them by launching two animal heads to their faces and asks Shinra about his experience in Haijima. Shinra describes that the industry was using them only as test subjects and also experimenting on him since he was not able to control his power when it surfaced. Viktor Licht scares Shinra from behind and requests everyone to assemble as he got something important to discuss.

In the captains cabin of Company 8, their members are assembled and Licht admits that he is the spy of Haijima in front of everyone but to his surprise everyone except Iris does not react. Akitaru Ōbi tells him that he knows it for a while since Licht was never posted for Company 8 in the first place. Licht reveals his purpose as to observe the next bearer of Adolla Burst, Shinra on behalf of Haijima. Vulcan questions him as they already experimented Shinra when he was young. Licht replies that the Haijima researchers at that time were not able to identify Shinra's flame as Adolla burst and regrets missing Shinra, so they have adapted to use extreme measures which can hurt the kids with unrecoverable injuries. Licht informs them that Haijima ordered him to bring back Shinra and, explains it as an opportunity to investigate Haijima and to find their connection with evangelist even though it sounds dangerous. Vulcan suspects Licht but Shinra agrees to move with the plan as he don't want anymore kids to be hurt because of him. Maki Oze asks Shinra not to rush about his decision but Shinra explains that the evangelist will already be on his move and they cannot afford to wait any longer. Captain Obi questions Licht on whose side he will be, to which Licht replies that he is with both the sides since with Haijima he can research about the truth but currently is partial towards Company 8 since they are closer towards the truth. Captain Obi decides that sending Shinra alone will be dangerous and to send along all Company 8 personnel's along with him.

At Haijima Industries, two researchers sets the third combat test for Nataku Son and Yūichirō Kurono in an observation room. Kurono claims himself as shinigami and informs Nataku that he will fight seriously since its the third time. Nataku mentally imagines Rekka Hoshimiya to be cheering him up and charges at Kurono, and is blocked easily. Nataku screams the word fire and activates his ability, the researchers examine that the flame output is insufficient for adolla burst and he is growing mentally unstable but as Shinra was able to awaken his adolla burst only during actual combat they decide to proceed further. Nataku charges back at Kurono but is easily knocked down as Kurono kicks him away. Kurono asks him to stand up again stating he has to put up with it since its his job. The researchers claim that Kurono has the ability to use his strengths in actual combat and it rivals the captain of Company 7, but decided to stay here just to pick on the children. Shortly, the researchers conclude their session feeling pity for Nataku, and Kurono steps on Nataku for being weak. Outside, Kurono starts to wrap his Overheated right arm while Nataku is carried away in a stretcher. The researchers interrupt Kurono asking if he does not feel weird about beating children, to which Kurono replies that he loves bullying the weak. As they try to question further, Kurono gets frustrated and chokes one of them, stating by weak he also meant the researchers. As the other researcher apologizes Kurono leaves them saying that he is looking forward to fight with Shinra and claims Shinra also to be weak.

On the way to the facility, Shinra and Licht converse about Kurono on how depraved he was. Licht describes Kurono's reputation as "The Maddest" in contrast to Benimaru Shinmon's status as "The Strongest". As they arrive at the facility, they notice that they are being excessively monitored and being escorted by a guard. Licht feels excited to research such a shady facility knowing that he wont get out of here, but Shinra promises him that he will protect Licht even though he is a spy as he was being helpful for Company 8 at various situations. Hearing this Licht says he might also leave Joker for Company 8 and he was willing to take risks in order to get closer to truth. A researcher welcomes them and states that the children will be excited to see them but, Shinra claims that they were torturing the children. As they enter the facility the researcher shows them how they treat children who don't know how to control their abilities. Shinra inquires about Nataku but they reply him that Nataku is special case and is not withheld here. Shortly, Shinra experiences an Adolla Link from Nataku being in pain and senses they are hiding something, which he decides to play along to find it. In the observation room, the researchers thank Shinra for letting them experiment on him, looking around the room Shinra feels chills running down to his soul like a lab rat and as the door opens Kurono arrives.

Shinra feels nostalgic on Kurono's look, like a predator staring down on his prey. Kurono says that he remembers Shinra and feels it was such a pity that he was not able to play with him while Shinra was still a child. Kurono closes near saying that Shinra has grown up but is still being weak and Shinra pushes him back upon hearing it. As the battle commences, Kurono releases Black Smoke from his right arm which hurts Shinra making him confused since Kurono did not hit him and feels suspicious about the black smoke. Shinra uses rapid to launch an attack but to his surprise Kurono easily counters them. Noticing this Shinra proclaims that Kurono has been using his power to abuse the children and he will not let him go. Shinra also questions Kurono about the smoke, to which Kurono reveals that the black smoke is connected to his senses and can even sense minute fluctuations thereby helping him to keep up with Shinra. Shinra gets enraged and uses chained attacks so that Kurono cannot react but still he manages to block them. Kurono gets back and solidifies the black smoke forming arrows and launches them towards Shinra, before he can notice Kurono closes distance between them and pulls out a knife made from the smoke behind and hides himself in the smoke which passes through and cuts Shinra. Kurono hopes that Shinra still has some fight left with him but the researchers ask him to stop. Kurono releases more black smoke covering their views and also increasing room temperature. Kurono tells Shinra that the more he weakens him the more he gets to enjoy and continues fighting.


Special Fire Force Company 8

Haijima Industries


Special Fire Cathedral 8

Haijima Industries

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