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Shadows Cast by Divine Light
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Episode Info
Arc VS. Holy Sol Temple arc
Episode 36
Release Info
Japan September 19, 2020
English February 14, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Shadows Cast by Divine Light is thirty-sixth episode of the Fire Force anime and the twelfth episode of the second season.


Joker and Benimaru break their way into the church for the hidden scriptures. When Benimaru presses Joker for answers as to how he knows so much, Joker tells him about his past, revealing some dark secrets about the Holy Sol Temple.


Shinmon swiftly recovers from the poison fired into his body by the Holy Sol defender through his resistance to toxins and together with Joker they defeat the remaining Holy Sol defenders. They enter the church and Joker exposes a hidden trapdoor to the levels below with access to the forbidden Nether. As Shinmon pressures Joker to explain how he knows so much about the operations of the Holy Sol, they are soon are surrounded by masked Holy Sol Shadows, the Temple's secret assassination team. Joker reveals that he is the former Holy Sol Shadow known only as Five-Two. A flashback shows the how the promising young "orphan of god", Five-Two, is physically beaten into submission, but he but never surrendered to their collective philosophy. He escaped, but the family who found and fed him were slaughtered as a warning. Back in the present, Joker takes on the Shadow commander who draws his retractable zig-zag whip-sword, leaving Shinmon to fight the other Shadows. The commander forces Joker to play his full pack of 52 cards, and then prepares to kill his former pupil. However, Joker has been emitting a hallucinogenic smoke from his cigarettes which confuses the commander long enough for Joker to cut him to pieces. Joker is finally left with only his trump card, the joker, as Commander Burns ominously emerges from the shadows.



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