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Dark Hero
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Previous Episode 34
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Episode Info
Arc VS. Holy Sol Temple arc
Episode 35
Release Info
Japan September 12, 2020
English February 7, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Dark Hero is thirty-fifth episode of the Fire Force anime and the eleventh episode of the second season.



The Fire Force team report their discoveries to Captain Obi. They explain the connections between Amaterasu and the Adolla Burst, which draws into question the teachings of the Holy Sol Temple and implies a connection with the Evangelist. Meanwhile, in his search for the truth, Victor solves the numerical codes from the Tabernacle and realizes Arthur's theory was correct. Later, Company 8 are frustrated when Obi reports that Fire Force headquarters have recommended that they take no action for three years while the church assesses the information. Joker asks the proto-nationalist Benimaru Shinmon if he will go against the Holy Sol Temple to discover the truth about what they are hiding and Shinmon surprisingly agrees. As Joker and Shinmon prepare their strategy outside the Imperial Seat, headquarters of the empire, the current ruler of the Tokyo Empire Raffles III is advised that the residents of Asakusa still reject Amaterasu but the cardinals have advises against provoking Shinmon, also known as the Destroyer God. Joker and Shinmon stage a frontal attack on the Imperial Seat, but after an initial success, Shinmon collapses, felled by an invisible attack from a huge Holy Sol defender.



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