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This is the article on the episode. For chapter, see The Core.

The Core
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Previous Episode 32
Next Episode 34
Episode Info
Arc Chinese Peninsula arc
Episode 33
Release Info
Japan August 29, 2020
English January 24, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

The Core is thirty-third episode of the Fire Force anime and the ninth episode of the second season.



Prologue: A retelling of The Great Cataclysm describes how after the world was enveloped in flames and ash, a man, later to be called Raffles I, led his followers to an "unsullied flame", an energy source which he used to create "Amaterasu" and benefit mankind. Back inside the Tabernacle Amaterasu, Victor tests Arthur's hypothesis that the code is based on "pi", but the results are inconclusive. They continue forward and reach the entrance to the core which emits a mechanical sound like a heartbeat. From the presence of white-feathered arrows, including one in the keyhole, Victor deduces that the core involves a sacrifice and may contain a living being possessing an Adolla Burst. Outside, Shinra and the others fight off the Infernals until only Tempe remains. Tempe creates a flaming scythe and attacks the Fire Force who seem powerless against him. Shinra still hears the voice telling him to save the forest so he asks Ogun, Tamaki and Takeru to delay Tempe while he and Scop attempt to contact the woman in black robes. He is finally successful, but she is so weak that she can only provide one second of Adolla Grace to help him. Shinra believes that will be just enough for him to defeat Tempe.



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