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This is the article on the episode. For chapter, see Road to the Oasis.

Road to the Oasis
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Previous Episode 30
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Episode Info
Arc Chinese Peninsula arc
Episode 31
Release Info
Japan August 15, 2020
English January 10, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

Road to the Oasis is the thirty-first episode of the Fire Force anime and the seventh episode of the second season.



The Fire Force team arrives at Avalon on the Asian mainland and Takeru Noto reunites with his mother. She reveals that someone has raided their vegetable garden while the rest of the group prepare to travel to the location of a spatial rift. As they drive inland in a covered half-track, the team, apart from Victor who is wearing a mask, are affected by a gas escaping from cracks in the land's surface which acts like a stimulant, causing them to act erratically and recklessly. They are suddenly attacked by a giant worm-like beast and a talking mole leaps onto their vehicle for safety. Shinra and Ogun divert the worm away and they discover the mole, Schop, was responsible for raiding the Noto garden for its potatoes. Scop offers to guide them to its home, an oasis near the spatial rift which has since been taken over by invaders. Along the way, they meet Scop's friend, Beauty, a talking crow, and that night the team witness a multitude of Infernals wandering the countryside. When the team arrive at the oasis, Beauty shows Shinra the Tabernacle, an Amaterasu similar to the one in Tokyo Empire. Schop leads them through a forest scattered with debris of past human habitation, and they arrive at one of pillars surrounding the Tabernacle. As they approach, they are attacked by Infernal dogs associated with the invaders, but Tamaki puts them to rest. Later, Shinra hears an internal voice telling him to save the forest.



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