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This is the article on the episode. For chapter, see The Time to Choose.

The Time to Choose
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Previous Episode 29
Next Episode 31
Episode Info
Arc Fifth Pillar arc
Chinese Peninsula arc
Episode 30
Release Info
Japan August 8, 2020
English January 3, 2021
No new characters
No new techniques

The Time to Choose is the thirtieth episode of the Fire Force anime and the sixth episode of the second season.


Shinra tries to convince Inca to join him, but she decides instead to stay with the White Clad and Charon leaves Shinra badly beaten. Inca's surviving accomplice, Panda, catches up with them and demands that they let her go. When Charon goes to stop him, Inca sees what is about to happen so she engulfs Panda in flames instead, then departs with the White Clad. After the recent events, the Fire Force is left wondering how to deal with the forces against them. Following discussion with the other companies, Obi announces that Shinra, Arthur, Tamaki and Victor will be part of a joint operation with Takeru Noto and Ogun Montgomery from other companies under the command of Pan. Their objective is to investigate the Great Cataclysm of 250 years ago hoping to obtain insights into the Adolla Bursts and the Evangelist's motives in collecting the eight Pillars. The research will be conducted outside Tokyo Empire on the Chinese Peninsula, and the seven member team board a paddle steamer bound for the Chinese mainland.




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