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Episode 29
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Episode Info
Arc Fifth Pillar arc
Episode 29
Release Info
Japan August 1, 2020
English December 13, 2020
No new characters
No new techniques

Corna (Sign of the Devil) & A Secret Plan is the twenty-ninth episode of the Fire Force anime and the fifth episode of the second season.



While fighting Charon, Shinra recalls that Flam Karim said that second generation pyrokinetics cannot create fire but can control it. He suspects that Charon is one of those and tries using the Corona technique again, but the knowledge is of little use against the experienced Charon. Shinra finally manages to focus his attack and succeeds in downing Charon but not defeating him.

Charon prepares to retaliate. The Fire force has its hands full with the demon and the burning buildings. Licht suggests utilizing the power of the second generations to channel the flames into the town square where they are controlled by Maki and turned into a spiraling firestorm. Vulcan and Obi force the demon into the center of the firestorm where it is sucked into its vortex and consumed. Karim then freezes the column solid, extinguishing the flames.




  • This is the 2nd Episode which has two titles, with the first one being Episode 25.

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