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Episode 28
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Episode Info
Arc Fifth Pillar arc
Episode 28
Release Info
Japan July 25, 2020
English December 6, 2020
No new characters
No new techniques

Groping Through The Fire is the twenty-eighth episode of the Fire Force anime and the fourth episode of the second season.


Company 8 dispatches an increasing number of Infernals which Obi suspects are being created by Infernal Bugs. Shinra momentarily stops Charon and tries to convince Inca to join the Fire Force, but she refuses and runs off, seeking instead relief from her mundane existence. Meanwhile, a demon Infernal appears in addition to the large number of people infected by the Infernal Bugs, overwhelming the Fire Force. However, Obi had earlier called for assistance, and Lieutenant Karim, Toru Kishiri and Juggernaut arrive to immobilize the Infernals and combat the White Clad. Companies 2 and 5 then arrive and assist Company 8 to dispatch the remaining Infernals and evacuate the citizens. On a rooftop, Arthur attacks Haumea who has been coordinating the attack on the town. Shinra goes after Inca who has been captured by the White Clad, but she refuses to join either group. As the White Clad take Inca away, Shinra again engages Charon, but his attacks appear to have little effect. Eventually, Shinra decides to try a new technique taught to him by Obi, called the "Corna."




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