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Episode 27
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Episode Info
Arc Fifth Pillar arc
Episode 27
Release Info
Japan July 18, 2020
English November 22, 2020
No new characters
No new techniques

A New Flashpoint is the twenty-seventh episode of the Fire Force anime and the third episode of the second season.



Obi discuss the implications of the appearance of another Pillar with the Fire Defence Agency Chief. Meanwhile, school student Inca Kasugatani uses her uncanny ability of smell to detect the faint odour of a house that is about to burst into flames. She gathers her accomplices, Panda and Sancho, and they head to the location, preparing to burgle the property once it catches alight. She saves the aged resident, but not before relieving him of all his money. Later, the First Pillar appears to Inca, piquing her interest. Suddenly, houses within in the area start bursting into flames, and Inca gleefully predicts their location like a musical conductor. As Company 8 races to the scene, Obi mentions the existence of the Fire Thief schoolgirl whom he suspects may be the Fifth Pillar. The company arrives and splits up to tackle the Infernals who are creating the fires. Shinra is assigned to find the Fire Thief and Arthur to stop the plasma-user. Haumea finds Inca and sends Charon to get her, but he carelessly kills Sancho when the youth interferes, awakening Inca's ignition abilities. Shinra arrives to prevent her being taken by the White Clad and engages Charon in a fiery battle.



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