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Episode 22
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Episode Info
Arc Netherworld arc
Episode 22
Release Info
Japan December 21, 2019
English January 19, 2020
No new techniques

A Brother's Determination is the twenty-second episode of the Fire Force anime.



Sho explains that the flames from the adolla burst is the land Shinra sees when experiencing their link, their flames can effect all living things beyond their universe. Sho shows Shinra the evangelist, who is seated behind him amongst the land of black flame and skeletal remains. When Shinra calls out to the evangalist, exclaiming that he is using Sho for human combustion, the adolla world around them dissipates and they are back to the real world. Licht better explains to Shinra that Sho's flames take from the universe's expansion to stop time.

Shinra refuses to give up, despite it being futile. Shinra takes an effortless beating from Sho, but brushes it off asking why Sho can't be nice and just call him big brother. Shinra chases after Sho like it is a game of tag, but Sho simply sends him sailing through the air again to crash into another pillar. Shinra calls Sho a stuck-up brat for breaking the rules of tag.

In Shinra's anguish, he forces a link with Sho subconsciously, bringing up a memory of them as children and Shinra attempting to play with infant Sho. Midst that, he nicks Sho on his cheek with his flames. Shinra concludes the reason Sho is so powerful is his connection to the adolla world, so he wonders if he can also use adolla to his advantage. Sho slashes Shinra with a cut that will separate the universes Shinra is in, meaning his time is now limited. Shinra has already felt emotion from others due to his adolla link, but wants to be the one to exert his emotion onto others.

Despite being blown away over and over again, Shinra still approaches Sho. Shinra explains to Sho how much Sho being alive means to him and that he is aware that to Sho, he is just a stranger. Shinra tells himself that he cannot give up now and attempts charging at his brother faster. When Sho freezes time, Shinra is no where to be seen. Sho unfreezes time as he is at his limit and Shinra collides with a pillar, unable to control his own ability.

When Sho questions how Shinra could disappear, Shinra replies that he is just trying to go faster. Another image from their adolla link enters Sho's mind. Licht contemplates what is happening to Shinra, wondering if he is going so fast that he is breaking apart and reforming. Licht realizes that Shinra could unknowingly form a black hole, destroying everything in existence.

When Sho freezes time again, Shinra fazes through the motionless world and lands a hit on Sho. A white-clad onlooker from the shadows proposes this is the birth of a fourth generation. Shinra collapses, coughing up more blood. Licht finally calls out what is happening with Shinra's power, that if he overheats while rewinding time, he may die. On reflex, Shinra grins uncontrollably, or rather, he is genuinely happy to be with his brother again.



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