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Episode 21
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Episode Info
Arc Netherworld arc
Episode 21
Release Info
Japan December 14, 2019
English January 12, 2020
No new characters
No new techniques

Those Connected is the twenty-first episode of the Fire Force anime.



Lisa is compatible with the bugs. Her parents were killed by an infernal and she feared the flames ever since, but claims the bugs have reopened her eyes. Obi and Vulcan beg for her not to do this, as they are in her flame's grip. Obi is determined to free Lisa from her flames that she has no control over. Pretending to get beaten up by Lisa, Obi places extinguisher grenades under each of her tentacles to snuff them out. Lisa freefalls without her flames, pained that she has nothing left, but is caught by Vulcan. She begins to weep since she is in his arms, but Giovanni doesn't tarry imposing intimidation upon her.

Giovanni takes Lisa hostage, choking and burning her with a heated wire while stabbing her with another wire. He tosses a gun to Vulcan and orders Vulcan to shoot Obi. Obi instructs Vulcan to do as Giovanni says, to which Vulcan reluctantly obliges. When Giovanni releases Lisa, Obi rises again, ripping up metal train tracks like they are nothing. Turns out Vulcan made Obi a bullet proof vest before the mission.

Obi asks why the Evangalist create infernals and what their goal is, which Giovanni refers to as protecting natural order. He explains the adolla burst was feared long before flames engulfed the world. He mentions that an unpowered will never understand, but Shinra may be staring to get an inkling.

Shinra is ailed with hallucinations caused by his adolla link, revisited by his memories of him and Sho as children. Giovanni explains that right now, Shinra should be linking to Sho. He goes on to say that the adolla burst can effect all kinds of heat. Obi questions what connects bugs and the adolla burst and Giovanni merely says that they may have come from the same place as the flames.

Shinra confronts Sho, saying he is there just like he promised to their mother. Sho is disgusted by the idea, upsetting Shinra. Shinra closes the distance between them and tells Sho not to speak ill of their mother. They seemingly disappear in a burst of flamed footprints and feathers glimmering around Licht, reappearing as Sho's blade pins Licht to a pillar with Shinra trying to block it. They ricochet off one another, Sho draws his blade and stabs it into the floor, pausing time. He charges at Shinra, sending him flying. Shinra is takes severe damage from this hit, spewing up blood.

Meanwhile, Giovanni withdraws saying that his task to get Sho and Shinra together is accomplished.

Sho says he and Shinra are in different universes. Licht realizes that Sho is using heat to expand his universe, making Shinra's speed useless against him. Sho initiates their adolla link, wanting to show Shinra rather than explain it.



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