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Episode 20
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Episode Info
Arc Netherworld arc
Episode 20
Release Info
Japan December 7, 2019
English January 5, 2020
No new characters
No new techniques

Wearing His Pride is the twentieth episode of the Fire Force anime.



Hinawa faces Arrow alone. Licht is taken hostage by a white-clad and used as bait for Shinra. He breaks Licht free with his move Rapid. Hinawa and Arrow swapped strategies to root one another out. Hinawa runs through an abandoned train and Arrow uses this to her advantage by locking him in there so he can't escape her shots. They share their ideologies with one another, prompting Arrow to ask why Hinawa fights if feelings are exhausting. He claims it is because he is fired up.

Hinawa begins shooting with a shotgun soo powerful that it requires him to replace the barrel after every shot. An onlooking white-clad describes it as a shootout between two tanks. Hinawa is struggling to stay awake, considering how things are as he dies. He climbs to his feet, remembering that 8th is barely a company and he can't leave Obi to lead it alone. Hinawa uses Arrow's flames against her by increasing the speed of his bullet with it. Defeating Arrow, he slumps against a pillar. Two white clads approach him and he flicks a bullet at them, shy of hitting their heads. The ceiling caves in and opens a hole Arthur is on the other side of.

One of the white clads recognize Arthur from Vulcan's workshop. He creates a mass amount of clones. Arthur is able to tell which clone has the weight of life in it, which Beni taught him and Shinra. Using this, he roots out the white clad and strikes him down, the slash of his blade following just above Hinawa's head.

Maki comes across Tamaki and Iris. Coming after Vulcan and Obi is Giovanni and Lisa. Giovanni says he came to see Lisa, and Giovanni notices Vulcan's words to be connecting to Lisa deeply. He refers to her by her real name, Feeler, asking her what is wrong and reminding her that she is a manipulator and threatens her with another lesson.

Giovanni explains the evangelist know everything, including the bugs that cause artificial Infernals and the flame of perdition.



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