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Episode 19
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Episode Info
Arc Netherworld arc
Episode 19
Release Info
Japan November 30, 2019
English December 15, 2019
No new characters
No new techniques

Into the Nether is the nineteenth episode of the Fire Force anime.



A few members of the White-Clad hold a meeting where Dr. Giovanni mentions that soon the 8th Company will discover the location of their base. Sho mentions that it works in their favor due to one of the 8th's members possessing an Adolla Link.

When he was a child, Shinra's mother would get him to pick up his after himself by telling him that naughty boys are sent to the Nether. It prompts him to quickly put away his toys but as he's doing so, he mentions that he's unafraid. Shinra remembers promising Sho that if the latter ever was taken to the Nether, Shinra would come save him.

In the present, Obi tells the 8th that evidence left at Vulcan's workshop helped Victor determine that the White-Clad must be hiding in the Nether. Iris tells them that the Netherworld is an unclean place that even Sol's light cannot reach. Victor explains that in reality, the Nether is actually a network of subway tunnels that were mostly buried during the Great Disaster.

That night, Shinra dreams about a woman who looks like Iris. A few moments later he feels his Adolla Link and awakens.

The next day, as the 8th are heading to the Nether, Obi reveals that typically people aren't allowed into the area, but they were given special permission to investigate. Iris reiterates that it's an unclean place where inhuman creatures live, stating, "It's super-scary."

When they arrive, there's a short discussion that takes place before Hinawa tells everyone to be quiet, and Iris offers a prayer. Inside, Maki lights their way through the tunnels while Yona and Mirage create a distraction that separates the team. Afterward, Arrow orders Assault to go after the team and leaves to help, but suspects that Assault may wipe out the 8th by himself.

Iris, having been left with one Takami and one impostor, struggles to find a difference between the two despite one of them having a man's voice and the other being able to use Nekomata (Takamki's Ignition Ability). Takami then trips, causing all of her clothes to somehow fall off, which convinces Iris of her legitimacy. After Fake Tamaki runs off, Assault arrives.

Alone, (with Sputter and Flare) Maki is face to face with Flail and a group of White-Clad. At first she is scared, thinking them to be ghosts, but is quickly relieved and dispatches them easily with the new gear Vulcan made for her.

Tamaki begins to fight Assault who comments that she seems to have a high resistance to flames, but that due to not wanting to hurt women, he will kill them quickly. Recalling a conversation from the day prior, she is encouraged to give the fight her all, and manages to avoid Assault's Crimson Bullet. Unfortunately her Lucky Lechery activates and distracts Assault which gives Iris an opening to bash him with a metal pipe. Tamaki and Iris then beat him unconscious and walk away, happy they could defend themselves.



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