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Episode 18
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Episode Info
Arc Vulcan's Workshop arc
Episode 18
Release Info
Japan November 23, 2019
English December 8, 2019
No new characters
No new techniques

The Secrets of Pyrokinesis is the eighteenth episode of the Fire Force anime.



Flam, Hibana and Konro arrive to share notes on the 8th's investigation. They discus how the 3rd is scandalized and are trying to cover things up.

Obi says he has Licht trying to find their base, who is seen conversing with Joker. No one else knows this, but Hibana is suspicious of Licht and questions Obi's choice to trust him. Joker asks Licht if he can come up with a plan to improve Shinra's flames. Meanwhile, Konro offers Obi to train the recruits in hand-to-hand combat.

Arthur and Shinra are trained by Beni to fight. Beni instructs Arthur and Shinra to devise finishing moves. Licht arrives and explains a way Shinra can boost his flames, asking Beni to demonstrate by making the propulsion of his flames tighter and more exact. Konro threatens Licht, finding him to be suspicious and an odd fit for the 8th. Arthur trains his fundamentals with Beni, meanwhile Shinra tries tightening the propulsion of his flames and barely maintaining control of them.

Back at the 8th, Vulcan is working on creating ways to improve snuffing fires with his creations. He also creates support weapons for sputter and flare.

Beni informs Shinra about why he uses his hands certain ways when using his flame, tracing it back to martial arts. It is tenokata, which each hand formation has a different use and meaning. He explains one used for increasing foot power, which Shinra uses and finds his flames compressed instantly. With intense focus, his speed has increased significantly.

Beni asks Shinra what his finishing move is called, only to reject what Shinra comes up with. Arthur begins training with a katana, learning new techniques on how to swing a blade. As Shinra hones his flames, he experiences his link to his brother.



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