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Episode 17
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Episode Info
Arc Vulcan's Workshop arc
Episode 17
Chapters #59#60#61#62#63
Release Info
Japan November 16, 2019
English November 24, 2019
No new characters
No new techniques

Black And White And Gray is the seventeenth episode of the Fire Force anime.



Hibana reveals she planted a bug on Iris and has been listening in and unties Shinra so he can get back to Vulcan's workshop. Giovanni finds the key within the projector he smashed. Shinra busts in just in time to try to intervene. Outside, Hibana aids Arthur.

Lisa attacks Shinra, her flames are magnetic and drawn to living organisms. Vulcan instructs Iris to start pressing buttons at random, causing animatronics to fall from the ceiling. Lisa's flames are forced to withdraw as the amount of machines producing a magnetic field can collectively mimic a person's. Shinra is quick to send Giovanni flying through the wall, outside.

Shinra's adolla link becomes active again, as Sho is near. Shinra is immediately elated to see his brother, proud that Sho grew up to be so handsome and cool. Sho is clueless, unaware that Shinra is his big brother. Sho finds himself disgusted and declares that Shinra will be coming with the white-clad. Arthur tries to intervene, but Sho slashes him across the chest with his sword.

Licht helps everyone escape by truck, Vulcan scoops up Arthur and Shinra in their passing. Vulcan calls out to Lisa to come along, but fails to bring her on. Sho seemingly teleports in front of the truck to stop them, but Joker appears saying that he cannot have Shinra yet. Joker vanishes as he is sure that Shinra has gotten away, revealing that Sho and him landed minor cuts on one another, such as one in Sho's sword and Joker's eye patch.

Shinra reports to Obi over the phone at the hospital. Vulcan agrees to stay at the 8th, as the workshop is no longer safe for him. Vulcan still wishes to bring Lisa back and return his found family to normal. He is confident that Yu will be okay. When Vulcan asks about Sho, Shinra says not to worry about him and that Vulcan is not alone.

Hibana questions Licht on his timing, suspicious of him. On the way home, Shinra vows to uphold his promise to his mother from when he was a child, to protect his little brother. He wants to bring his brother back. Vulcan is surprised by how the 8th behaves over dinner, finding it endearing and nothing like he imagined.

Vulcan revisits his workshop to offer soda to his father and grandfather, telling them how he is being taken in by the fire force. He apologizes to them because he is going to break his promise by helping the 8th.



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