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We Are Family
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Previous Episode 15
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Episode Info
Arc Vulcan's Workshop arc
Episode 16
Chapters #55#56#57#58#59
Release Info
Japan November 9, 2019
English November 17, 2019
No new characters
No new techniques

We Are Family is the sixteenth episode of the Fire Force.



Vulcan offers soda to his parent's grave, telling them about how hard work has been and how he has found a new family. He shares with Lisa and Yu that he wants to form bonds that never break like his Grandfather and Father did.

Shinra, Iris and Arthur discuss what Giovanni's true intent could be and why it would be murderous. Shinra seeks out where Giovanni may be while Arthur is tasked with protecting everyone else.

Arthur tries to tell Vulcan about it, but Vulcan finds it hard to believe that he has the same concerns about Hajima as 8th Fire Force. Yu interrupts them to point out the White-clad gathering outside. Giovanni attacks Shinra stealthily with wire 2nd-gen controlled fists, wanting to take Shinra to the Evangelist because of his Adolla Burst. Giovanni electrocutes Shinra from above.

Meanwhile Arthur explains he cannot fight when he doesn't feel knight-like, so Vulcan begins to assemble gear to help Arthur out with that. Arthur prepares to fight with a cloak, sword and donkey head strapped to his groin as his stead. His sword is stronger than usual, and he effortlessly eliminates the clone illusions of the white-clads to reveal there are only two of them. One white-clad summons a morning star and approaches Arthur, who deflects his blows effortlessly. The white-clad that creates the clone images creates Arthur to mock him. They destroy Arthur's donkey, which takes down Arthur's power considerably, but rises again to avenge his stead.

Vulcan urges Lisa and Yu to escape, but they refuse to go without him. Vulcan reveals his forefathers built Amaterasu. Last second, Lisa turns on Vulcan and Yu, knocking them both down. Giovanni enters asking for the key to Amaterasu, shooting Yu as a tactic to get the information he wants. Vulcan seems to not know where the key is, angering Giovanni to the point of him yelling vehemently and beating Vulcan in a robotic manner. He destroys Vulcan's projector that had Vulcan's dreams in.



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