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Episode 14
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Episode Info
Arc Asakusa arc
Episode 14
Chapters #47#48#49#50#51
Release Info
Japan October 26, 2019
English November 3, 2019
No new characters
No new techniques

For Whom The Flame Burns is the fourteenth episode of the Fire Force anime.



Beni still defers to Konro as the leader, where Konro instills his faith in Beni to take charge during this time. Beni accepts this reluctantly, announcing to the people that there are outsiders in their midst posing as them to spread confusion and distrust. He declares that it doesn't matter and urges everyone to fight one another as the outsiders won't get the best of them.

Meanwhile Shinra and Arthur are faced with the White-Clad archer and her protector that turned himself into an infernal with horns-- a demon. Beni spots the demon from afar, determined it will be his opponent. The demon looks exactly like the infernal that destroyed Shinra's childhood home and he experiences what the archer refers to as an Adolla-Link.

Hika is found beating up the White-Clad that promised candy in exchange for her kimono. Hina joins her twin, informing her that an old man tried to pose as her. They proceed to beat up the men together.

Beni takes the demon into the sky and Konro witnesses the archer preparing a shot at Beni. Konro tries to use his flames, but due to his condition, he is unable to aid Beni. He calls out for Shinra to save Beni, whose instincts kick in immediately after the cry. He catches up to the arrow quickly, telling himself that his flames are the ones to preserve mankind rather than destroy it and kicks the arrow out of the way. The archer compares Shinra's adolla link to the Evangalist, the commander of the White-Clad.

Beni uses a move belonging to Konro, The Crimson Moon, to annihilate the demon. Beni freefalls until Shinra catches him. Members of the 7th happily inform Konro that the flames and infernals have been extinguished. Konro says they ought to thank the 8th, particularly Shinra.



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