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Episode 13
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Episode Info
Japanese 仕組まれた罠
Arc Asakusa arc
Episode 13
Chapters #44#45#46#47
Release Info
Japan October 19, 2019
English October 27, 2019
No new characters
No new techniques

The Trap is Set (仕組まれた罠, Shikumareta Wana) is the thirteenth episode of the Fire Force anime.


Konro shares the story of how the 7th Company was established. Afterward, Chaos erupts in Asakusa as the White-Clad finally make their move.


In Solar Year 196 in Asakusa Tokyo, Konro survived the fight with the demon infernal. Benimaru finds him carbonized in the morning, but still alive, albeit exhausted. Benimaru argued that he should've fought too, but Konro refused to lose Benimaru at a time like this. Konro tells Benimaru that he will be the one to protect and lead Asakusa.

Following the incident, Special Fire Force Company 4 arrived on the scene. They officially induct the Hikeshis of Asakusa into the Special Fire Force as Company 7. Benimaru doesn't want to be used by the empire but Konro believed they should utilize their resources. This was the story of Company 7's establishment.

Two years later is the current Solar Year. Konro explains that he has no regrets and Shinra claims he wants to be a hero so nobody needs to be sacrificed. There appears to be an uproar amongst the citizens of Asakusa, with several people accusing each other of crimes they have no recollection on. There are several mysterious cases of mistaken identity, piquing Benimaru's interest.

Konro and the 8th find Hinata and Hikage arguing whoever is real. Arthur knees Hikage in the face and reveals a tiny old man impersonating her. Meanwhile, one of the white-clad uses his ignition ability to manipulate blood vessels in order to morph people's faces. Yona, the artist, accidentally kills one of the followers and gets scolded for it. The White-Clad are ready to turn Asakusa into a sea of flames.

Benimaru tries to investigate all the misunderstandings when several infernals are artificially created. The White Clad plan on finding a compatible human or possibly creating a demon. All while hunting down the 8th Company in the confusion. While 8th formulates a plan to respond to the fires, they're fired at by several flame arrows.

Shinra tries to pursue but the arrows are fired from several different places. Arthur tries to back him up as they go after the sniper together. Konro and Hinata interrogate the man and demand Hikage. The man doesn't talk and he internalizes himself before quickly dying. The people of Asakusa won't listen to the 8th and Konro decides to ring the emergency bell. Benimaru struggles to direct the people and isn't sure how to proceed.

Shinra locates the sniper and encounters two White-Clad. Arthur backs him up and they engage in a two on two fight, however, their poor teamwork puts them at a disadvantage. Once they get on similar pages and strategize, they overwhelm the White-Clad and force Arrow to retreat. Desperate to counterattack, the hooded man consumes an infernal insect. Benimaru puts an infernal to rest and calls one of his flaming matoi.



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