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Demon Infernal (Town Square) Edit
Character Info
Status Deceased
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga Touching the Flames

This person was a victim of the White-Clad that was artificially turned into a Demon Infernal during their search of the Fifth Pillar.


In stark contrast to the traditional devil horns found on most Demon Infernals, this Infernal has a single horn protruding from the centre of his forehead resembling a unicorn horn. As a Demon, its body is mostly complete and not burning. In terms of build, the Infernal's upper body is slim while the lowwer body is large. While the creature's body is most blackened like charcoal, it features a number of bright, glowing markings across its upper body. These markings consist of lines and dots, with the symmetrical lines on the face connect its eyes and the lines on its forearms creating the illusion of greaves. This Infernal also doesn't have a mouth.


As a Demon, this Infernal was extremely durable. Gunfire did not effect it and being hit with a Matchbox at top speed did not harm it. It ultimately required the combination of multiple Second Generation abilites to create an explosion with enough force to destory its body. In addition to flame manipulation, the Infernal was capable of breaking through Karim's ice with brute strength alone after being frozen solid, something a skilled martial artist was unable to do.


Fifth Pillar arc