Demon Infernal (Prison) Edit
Burns' Doppelganger.png
Character Info
Status Active
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga Indomitable

This Infernal is a Demon that is believed to be the Doppelgänger of Leonard Burns.


Upon first appearing the Demon appears as a shadowy figure with fire burning in its right eye and curved bull-like horns growing fromthe sides of its head. It also lacks of mouth. As the world begins to change, it appears in the Adolla, the demon is seen wearing a tattered cape with a high collar and some type of clothes covering its lower half. Its skin has gone from the charcoal like a texture of a normal Infernal to appearing more solid.


Ōbi's Rescue arc

Upon Haumea establishing a link with the Demon, it appears behind Burns' at Fuchū Prison. Impaling him through the chest, the pair are then transported through a portal.

Stone Pillar Arc

The demon appears in Joker's dream of the Adolla . It sits atop a giant stone pillar rising out from a mass of Infernals while the Doppelgänger of Hibachi Shinmon is summoned by Haumea. Joker sees the Infernal and recognises it as Burns.

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