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Romaji Oni
Manga Two-On-Two Death Match
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A Demon (鬼, Oni) is a rare type of Infernal that is characterized by being horned and having a stronger heat signature compared to normal infernals.[1] Like ordinary Infernals, Demons can be created by a Bug as well as being sentient.

Overview Edit

Demons most notable difference to normal Infernals are how difficult they are to kill, due to their strengh and durability. Their skin are capable of withstanding being shot at by normal weapons,[2] as well as being cut by strong Third Generations plasma and fire attacks, resulting in a tremendous amount of power needed to kill one.

Doppelgängers Edit

In some particularly situations, a Demon that bares a strong resemblance to another human can appear. Capable of copying their movements and fighting skills, using their First Generation abilities to mirror Third Generation flame control. Hibana speculates that they are seeking out their human counterpart in order to kill them. They appear to be from the Adolla Realm instead of being the result of Fire Bugs or Spontaneous Human Combustion.

References Edit

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