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Character Info
Kanji コーンヘッド
Romaji Kōnheddo
Gender Male   Male
Professional Status
Affiliation 5th Special Fire Brigade
Manga The Hero and the Princess
Anime The Battle Begins (episode)

Conehead (コーンヘッド, Kōnheddo)[1] is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 5.

Appearance Edit

True to his name, Conehead has a cone-shaped head. He is an elderly man with white sideburns, wrinkles over his face, and goggles. He dons the Special Fire Force bunker gear jacket, which covers his entire body, and has long sleeves with the number 5 on the left sleeve, representing his affiliation with the 5th brigade.

Personality Edit

Conehead is confident in his ability of experimentation.

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

While Shinra Kusakabe and Setsuo Miyamoto fought in Tokyo's streets, he and Hibana watches from a distance, while Conehead uses a device to detect the Fire Officers Adolla Bursts. After the Infernal was taken into custody by the 5th, he stood by his brigade as Shinra challenged them, before departing the scene.

VS. 5th Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

After the Special Fire Force Company 8 infiltrated Conehead's brigades Combine, he and Setsuo follows Shinra's Devil's Footprints, and encounters Arthur Boyle on their way, and has the Infernal attack the Fire Officer with his new enhancements. Commenting that Setsuo's power was far too much for him to handle, Conehead was stunned when Arthur defeats him.

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

When a giant Infernal appears in his brigades jurisdiction, Hibana has him analyse the being, which he determines to have multiple cores. Shortly after, his brigade defeats the Infernal.

Ōbi's Rescue arc Edit

References Edit

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