Company 5 and Company 8
Chapter 12
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Chapter Info
Japanese 第5と第8
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 12
Pages 18
Volume Hero or Devil
Release Info
Japan December 23, 2015
Tōru Kishiri
No new techniques

Company 5 and Company 8 (第5と第8, Dai 5 to Dai 8) is the twelfth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

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As Setsuo Miyamoto gets taken away by the 5th Special Fire Brigade, Hibana glares at Shinra, causing him to collapse to the ground. The 5th Brigade's Battalion Commander tells her subordinates, the 3 Angels of the 5th, to hold Shinra down while Hibana lectures him on how to be respectful towards superiors. The woman orders Shinra to lick her shoe as Shinra acknowledges that what he had done was rude and apologises, however, the woman refuses to listen and repeats her order. Shinra looks up to see the woman's face, which causes him to notice Hibana's underwear. Hibana gets slightly startled and walks backwards. The child, who Shinra saved previously, steps in and tells the 5th Special Fire Brigade that he was saved by the Fire Officer, however, Tōru Kishiri from the 5th Brigade pushes him out of the way away, infuriating Shinra even further, provoking him to kick the 3 angels away with a twirling fiery kick. He stands up and challenges the 5th Special Fire Brigade to a fight as the 8th Special Fire Brigade arrives at the scene. Hibana explains that she wishes to capture the sentient Flame Human for research, to which Akitaru responds by asking whether the information will be shared amongst Special Fire Brigades. Hibana smiles and agrees, though Akitaru sees through her deceit. Tōru then mocks Akitaru for not having fire manipulation abilities, Shinra and Arthur jump in to pick a fight with the boy, but Maki and Takehisa carry the two away. Maki then approaches the boy on her own and delivers a corkscrew punch straight to his gut, an action that Takehisa praises. Akitaru thanks his squad as the fight between the 5th and 8th Brigades begins.

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