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Charon Edit
Character Info
Kanji カロン
Romaji Karon
Alias Counter Man (カウンターマン, Kaunta Man)[1]
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese)
Ray Hurd (English)
Technical Info
Type Second Generation
Birth Date June 22nd (Cancer)
Age 28
Height 202 cm (6' 7½")
Weight 130 kg (287 lbs)
Blood Type He doesn't know, but blood often makes a racket
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Manga Before the Fight to the Death

Charon (カロン, Karon) is a former member of the White-Clad, that served as the Second Pillar's guardian.


Charon was a huge, tall, and very muscular man with lightly colored hair. He was seen wearing a blindfold branded with a red cross symbol. He wore a plain white robe in the past. Charon's outfit resembled a martial arts uniform, similar to a kimono, with darkly-colored finger-less gloves, he also had a belt bearing the same cross symbol as his blindfold, toeless Tabi, and and exposed chest.


Charon appeared to be a devoted and serious member of the White-Clad with a strong loyalty to the Evangelist. In spite of this, he was very impatient, constantly asking Haumea if she understood what he was telling her and demanding quick responses. This, in addition to Haumea's aggressive personality and responses to his distractions, resulted in Charon viewing her with both irritation and trepidation.

Despite the tension, Charon still cared about Haumea deeply, having looked after her since toddlerhood. Charon had a habit of asking many questions to whomever he is talking to, even if they are his enemies. During combat, Charon displayed both confidence and cunning, mocking the weakness of his foe and enjoying the conflict, while using his abilities to trick them into believing he has a Third Generation Ignition Ability. Charon took his role as Haumea's Guardian very seriously, with others noting that they act like a father and daughter. Charon possessed unconditional love for Haumea and is empathetic to her constant suffering and violent outbursts caused by her Adolla Link, serving the White-Clad faithfully in the hope that the Evangelist will purify the evils of mankind and end Haumea's suffering. This resulted in Charon being uncomfortable with seeing Haumea in pain and not knowing how to argue with her. This loyalty also extended to the other Pillars despite other guardians disliking it and even to the Pillars who are Charon's enemies. The extremity of this results in Charon seeing Kurono as a worthy protector of the Sixth Pillar and allowing him to protect the Pillar under the authority of Hajima Industries even if it resulted in the White Hoods losing control of the situation.


Charon and Haumea looking for the Third Pillar.

12 years ago, the 16-year old Charon accompanied Haumea to find the new Adolla Burst host. In order to successfully abduct the Third Pillar, Charon prepared a false body to be used as a substitute for the target's mother. While under Haumea's control, a newly created Demon Infernal brought the infant Shō to Charon and Haumea.[2]


Physical Abilities

Charon was also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, capable of strong, quick strikes and grabs using his overwhelming strength and sturdy muscular frame. His blows were powerful enough to destroy a human body with minimal effort and leave craters into the ground. His body was incredibly durable, being able to recover quickly from repeated blows, a tremendous explosion, and withstand slashes from blades while showing no damage.


Charon redirecting fire.

Charon had a Second Generation ability that allowed him to absorb and accumulate kinetic energy into his body from any attack that hit him. He was able to transform this stored power into thermal energy to attack with. This allowed him to both create massive explosions and withstand strong attacks from any pyrokinetics.

By transferring the energy to different parts of his body, Charon was able to cause different types of explosions with small gestures like snapping or clapping. However, Charon was unable to release and absorb energy at the same time, leaving him vulnerable to counter-attacks and damage when he unleashed this thermal energy.

There was also a limit to how much energy Charon can absorb at one time, as redirecting one of Nataku's nuclear blasts critically exhausts him and renders him unable to fight for some time. Upon absorbing energy from massive repeated blasts from Takehisa Hinawa, his body reached its limits and he managed to redirect all of the collected energy into a blast before dying from overexertion. With his abilities, Charon had demonstrated great prowess against powerful pyrokinetic fighters like Yūichirō Kurono and Benimaru Shinmon, with the latter calling him a "monster" after proving unharmed from Benimaru's attacks.


Netherworld arc 

Charon alongside other member of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order assure the Evangelist that events were transpiring in the way it desired.

VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc 

Charon and Haumea observe the events transparent within the Fire Force Training School from a rooftop. Haumea expresses glee that Company 4 is being used to provoke Shinra Kusakabe. Charon, unable to see what is occurring within the School, relies on his partner to inform him about what is happening. The pair once again squabble, as Charon repeatedly asks for clarification about how The First Pillar is using the Adolla Link, much to Haumea's fury. After Arthur Boyle manages to break the ghostly woman's hold over Shinra, Haumea loudly claims that a 'Fifth Pillar' will soon emerge. Shouting they will find this person and the White-Clad will find the new, fifth user of the Adolla Burst, even if they have to battle against the Fire Force. Charon appears surprised and confused by this outburst.

Fifth Pillar arc

Charon killing Sancho.

Under the direction of Haumea, Charon and a collection of followers tract the Fifth Pillar to a nearby park. Charon appears behind Inca and her friends and attempts to take her away. When Charon pauses because he recognizes Inca, Sancho attempts to stop him only for Charon to offhandedly kill him. Inca awakes her Ignition Ability and bombards Charon with explosions before fleeing into the city. Charon gives chase and manages to corner Inca, only for Shinra to strike from above. While Shinra's melee attacks are ineffective, Charon's heavy blows manage to devastate the young Fire Soldier. Eventually, Inca chooses to view both fighters as her opposition and unleashes a mass of chaotic explosions to flee from them.

Shinra moves to give chase, only for Charon to focus on him. Charon sends two of his followers after Inca while he and the rest move to capture Shinra, who has been declared the 'Fourth Pillar' and is deemed necessary for the Preacher's plan. Charon's men are able to subdue Shinra, only for the timely intervention of Tōru Kishiri and Takeru Noto allowing him to escape and fly after Inca. Charon notices Shinra and propels himself upwards with an explosion, grabbing Shinra in midair and slamming him through a wall. While the battle continues from the rooftops to the streets, Haumea contacts Charon and orders him to finish things quickly. Charon renews his assault but Shinra realizes the true nature of Charon's abilities after analyzing his style of attack. Shinra initially tries to avoid hitting Charon to prevent him from gathering any kinetic energy but Charon simply orders his own followers to attack him. The resulting energy allows Charon to create a blast that almost brings Shinra to his knees but he stands resolute, much to Charon's confusion.

Charon fighting Shinra.

The rhythm of battle changes once again as Shinra launches attack after attack while making the Corna gesture, only to be blown away by Charon's ability each time. When Charon attempts to counterattack once again Shinra's successfully activates his Hellfire technique, bypassing Charon's defense with a dark explosion that launches him into the air. The impact from Charon's fall leaves a crater in the ground, however he quickly rises to his feet and kicks the exhausted Shinra away with a grin. Receiving orders from Haumea to quickly retreat, Charon turns to leave with Inca confident he can counter Shinra's attack strategy. Inca chooses to join Charon and his men of her own free will and they leave Shinra defeated in the street. Regrouping with Haumea, Charon prepares to deal with Panda until Inca dispatches her friend personally.

Haijima Industries arc

Charon attempting to capture the Sixth Pillar from Kurono.

Arriving at Haijima Industries to secure the Sixth Pillar, Charon accompanies Inca and Ritsu as Haumea told him to go away. Inca informed him that Nataku is their target and Charon leaps into the middle of the fight between Kurono and Company 8. Attacking Kurono, Charon withstood all his attacks before repelling the employee away, leading to Nataku being freed from his possession and being captured by White-Clad members while Charon tries to hold off Company 8. When Kurono decides to murder the men holding the boy, Nataku is quickly caught between a struggle of Charon, Kurono and Obi. Charon watches on with disgust as Ritsu's ability activates and traps Nataku inside a giant Infernal. Charon eventually helps Shinra attack the giant infernal and retrieve the Sixth Pillar as his job if to protect the Pillars, therefore, protecting Shinra; the Fourth Pillar. He shouts "I AM A GUARDIAN" and then claims he cannot lose Shinra or Nataku. Nataku launches a nuclear heat blast that could destroy all of Tokyo. Charon then reflects the tremendous power of the Sixth Pillar with his full-force counterattack, as his life flashes before his eyes remembering his upbringing of Haumea. After witnessing Kurono peacefully pacify Tatsu, Charon successfully requests the White Clad leave the Sixth Pillar in Hajima Industries' custody, reasoning that the compatibility between Kurono and Tatsu suits the White Clad's wishes.

Ōbi's Rescue arc

Wanting to change Tokyo to its rightful state, Charon joins Haumea in leading a group of White-Clad to Holy See. Taking control of Raffles III's mind, Haumea has him summon Leonard Burns. Upon him arriving with Company 1's priests and the group revealing their presence, Charon tells Haumea to get behind him, but she instead talks to Leonard and manages to persuade him in serving the Evangelist with them. Later, as Haumea begins gathering the collective unconscious in the Netherworld's holiness place, Charon becomes angry that she is suffering from her pain.

Upon Burns being defeated by Shinra, Charon notes that a Demon is coming while Haumea is gleeful that a new Pillar has been born. As Burns' doppelgänger attacks, Charon joins with the other White Hoods to attack the exhausted Company 8. Their attempts are interrupted by Moonlight Mask appearing from above who holds off Charon and the rest of the White Clad to allow Company 8 to escape.

Battle of Amaterasu arc

Charon on the verge of dying.

Charon appears in this arc as a guardian of Amaterasu alongside Dragon as Haumea begins the final steps to start the Great Cataclysm. Charon does battle with Ogun Montgomery and viciously beats him as the Fire Soldier continues his attacks. Right when about to kill Montgomery, Charon is fatally injured by Takehisa Hinawa and is forced to retreat. He appears again to block the entrance to Amaterasu Power Plant with his body despite being injured and constantly absorbs the massive energy of Hinawa's volley of Velocity Rampage attacks. During the onslaught, Charon reminisces about caring for Haumea and reaffirms his desire to start the Cataclysm to end her suffering. Having absorbed enough energy, Charon's body begins to break down and he fires off a colossal beam of energy at Company 8 before dying from overexertion and wishing Haumea luck in starting the next cataclysm.


  • There are several characters in Fire Force whose names are allusions to or directly taken from both monotheistic and pantheistic religions and notable religious figures.
    • Charon shares his name with the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx in Greek mythology.
  • The character also has a few interesting traits in common with the real-life celestial body of the same name.
    • Charon is the largest of Pluto's five moons, and is what is known as a trans-Neptunian object, being the sixth-largest. The third-largest trans-Neptunian object is a dwarf planet named, interestingly enough, Haumea.
    • Charon's birthday is June 22, which is also when the satellite was first seen in real life at the United States Naval Observatory by James W. Christy in 1978.
  • According to his Character Profile:
    • He is self-proclaimed Super Gorilla Charon-chan.
    • His favorite food is a boiled egg that Haumea made once on a whim. He does not have a least favorite food.
    • His favorite music is Haka.
    • His favorite animal: The mice he often sees in the White Clad hideout.
    • His favorite color is white.
    • His favorite type are tough, rugged women OR crazy women.
    • He respects the Evangelist.
    • He does not hate anyone.
    • He is afraid of Haumea in a bad mood.
    • His hobbies include fishing.
    • His daily routine include taking care of the Pillars and cooking the fish he caught.
    • His dream is to fulfill the goal of the Evangelist.
    • His shoe size is 35 cm
    • His eyesight is surprisingly transparent
    • Favorite subject is that he want to know how to raise a girl gracefully. His least favorite subject is a parenting book he read in order to take care of Haumea. It didn’t do anything.


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  2. Fire Force Manga: Chapter 90, Pages 11 - 12

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