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Chapter 50
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Japanese 誰が為の炎
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 50
Pages 20
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Japan October 5, 2016
No new techniques

For Whom The Flame Burns (誰が為の炎, Dare ga Tame no Honō) is the fiftieth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.


Continuing from the cliffhanger of the last chapter, Konro watches helplessly as the sniper's arrow files towards the unsuspecting Benimaru. With his friend in danger, Konro begs for somebody to help the Captain. Remembering Shinra's promise to help him, Konro calls out for the young officer to help.

A great distance away, Shinra feels a sensation in his legs that reminds him of Konro and sees spots the arrow. Rocketing upwards, Shinra is able to catch up to Arrow's attack, much to her surprise. Despite this, the destructive force of her shot is too much for Shinra to simply kick away. Remembering Arrow's statements about his destiny, Shinra's resolve boils up and he loudly declares that he will use his power to protect other instead of destroying the world. As the citizens of Asakusa and officers of Company 8 look on: Shinra finally manages to deflect Arrow's shot.

With this danger resolved, Benimaru begins his assault on the demonic Haran. Attempting to destroy it with his Seventh Form but the Infernal is too durable. Despite this Benimaru declares that he will protect his city and unleashes Akatsuki, creating an explosion so large that looks like a red moon above Asakusa.

The white Hoods flee the scene having obtained valuable information, with Arrow promising to honour Haran's sacrifice. While Shinra stares that the aftermath of Benimaru's attack, he sees Benimaru calmly plummeting to the ground after reaching his limits. With the fires extinguished and the villains defeated, Konro says that Company 7 should thank Company 8 for their help, especially Shinra.

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