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The Butchers.png
Kanji 屠リ人
Rōmaji Hofuri Bito
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Base of Operations Netherworld
Status Active
Manga The Butchers
Known Members

The Butchers (屠リ人, Hofuri Bito) are a faction within the White-Clads that specialise in ability user's assassinations.[1]


They each wear the standard veil of the White-Clad but with a Holy Sol Temple cross shaped like a target. Like the other groups in the organization, the Butchers wear individual outfits.


The Butchers were a division of the White Clad created for the sole purpose of assassinating pyrokinetics or fighters that opposed the group's goals. At some point in the past, the White-Clad known as Assault was a member of the Butchers, before being reassigned to the Knights of the Ashen Flame division for unknown reasons.

Gold used her ignition ability to murder Sōichirō Hague in his office. They believed that his Stigma and experience of the Adolla was both a hinderance and a threat to their plans. Yona sent another assassin to target and kill Konro, but the Butcher was defeated by Konro and their body was disposed of.

Gold would later arrange to use a Bug on Captain Akitaru Ōbi while her peers ready themselves for Company 8 response to his arrest.

Upon the arrival of Company 8 at Fuchū Prison to rescue their captain, Gold is the first Butcher to confront them. After a drawn-out fight with Company 8, she is ultimately defeated. Her colleague, Stream, is the next one to challenge Company 8, but he too is defeated in combat. Shortly after the defeat of Stream, Dragon, the final remaining Butcher, finally arrives at the scene. He proves much more successful at combating Company 8 than his comrades, and would have massacred them all were it not for the timely intervention of a certain mask-wearing proto-nationalist.


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